Ryan Clark Releases Romantic Music Video For ‘Trust Me With Your Love’

Clark wants to break down his love interest's walls...

Written by Grace Lenehan Vaughn
Ryan Clark Releases Romantic Music Video For ‘Trust Me With Your Love’
Ryan Clark; Photo credit: Jonathan Warren

Ryan Clark is offering his heart in the music video for his song, “Trust Me With Your Love,” premiering on Sounds Like Nashville today (9/10). In the song, Clark sings to a woman who has been hurt by relationships in the past and encourages her to open up her heart to him. The music video tells the story of the song in visual form, beginning with a scene of a woman receiving text messages from the man who broke her heart. Her demeanor changes when she receives a message from Clark asking her to get together, after which the two begin the journey of a budding relationship.

The video follows the soon-to-be couple as they hang out at a bar, walk around town, and later, attend a house party with friends. In each clip, viewers can see the couple getting closer as they talk, laugh, take selfies, and finally seal the relationship with a kiss at the party.

“I wanted to portray a broken heart at the beginning of the video, and as time progresses, show how another person can help mend that heartbreak,” says Clark of the video. “I know from experience that when it’s the right person, he/she will help to fix that piece that’s missing and allow you to be yourself around them. For me, that’s being super goofy and laughing A LOT.”

The scenes of the two of them opening their hearts to one another are coupled with clips of Clark singing the song in a rustic setting with his band, as he belts out lyrics about gaining the woman’s trust.

“I know that you have built up these walls surrounding your love / Let me help you tear them down, I’m here to stay around / These days, it’s so hard to trust, but this fire’s burning through us / I know your heart’s been hurt enough / Will you trust me with your love,” he sings.

Clark’s love interest in the video was played by Kelley Leveaux, and the video also includes cameos from the singer’s real friends in the party scene.

“We had great chemistry on set – it felt real when we were acting, which I think allowed the video to turn out even better than expected,” Clark says of working with Leveaux. “The party scene was my favorite to shoot because I had all my friends together at one time… and the kissing scene was a CLOSE second.”

Clark originally hails from upstate New York and moved to Nashville to pursue his music career last year. He released “Trust Me With Your Love” as an official single in July. The song follows “Nothing but Everything,” which was released in March.