Ryan Griffin Infuses R&B Into Country Music for Three-Song Collection

Griffin found support for his new style of music through producer busbee.

Ryan Griffin Infuses R&B Into Country Music for Three-Song Collection
Ryan Griffin; Photo Credit to Dove Shore

Country music continues to expand its horizons with the introduction of other genres sprinkled throughout many current singles, so Ryan Griffin embraced the growth and used soul as an inspiration for his three new tracks.

The singer decided now was the perfect time to flirt with the genre-binding idea by releasing “Good Company,” “Play It By Heart” and “Best Cold Beer” out to fans. Noting that this style has always been a passion for Griffin, he hopes the sound translates seamlessly to those who enjoy all kinds of music.

“This is the music I’ve always wanted to make and I’m grateful to have a team that whole-heartedly believes in it,” Griffin said. “Working with busbee has brought out the best in me as an artist and a songwriter and I’m so thankful the world will get to hear the songs we’ve poured our hearts and souls into.”

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Even busbee, an award-winning Nashville producer, sees the potential in Griffin to pave the path for this new style of the format, and hopes to develop his sound further in future projects to come.

“Ryan Griffin represents everything that makes the Country genre a uniquely impactful and diverse musical space,” explained busbee. “His vocal and songwriting abilities convey genuine emotion and a true sense of craft that rival the best artists in the format.”

Griffin experimented with blending pop and country together when he helped co-write Kelsea Ballerini’s “Dibs” among other contributions.

“Good Company,” “Play It By Heart” and “Best Cold Beer” are available everywhere now.