Sam Hunt Meets 9-Year-Old Girl Battling Cancer

Written by Lauren Laffer
Sam Hunt Meets 9-Year-Old Girl Battling Cancer

9-year-old Cadence Fox of Eatonton, GA has been battling cancer since May after doctors discovered a mass on her pituitary gland. After additional tests, two germinoma cancer tumors were found on Fox’s brain.

“The treatment would consist of 4 rounds of chemotherapy followed by 6 weeks of radiation,” Cadence’s mom Tara told Fox 5 Atlanta back in August. Since then, Cadence tolerated the chemo with very little nausea and recently returned home after six weeks of radiation.

Her story caught the attention of Fox 5 Atlanta through The Brandy Angel Foundation Facebook page. The foundation works to share images and stories of folks who need help. Brandy Angel, who is a Georgia based photographer, was very touched by Cadence and her story.

“Cadence’s mom Tara told me how Cadence has never once complained about her treatments and the first time they hooked up her chemo treatment Tara began to cry at the thought of poison going into her daughter’s tiny body,” Angel told the news outlet. “Cadence looked at her mom and said ‘mom it’s ok, it’s JUST CHEMO.’ These little warriors never cease to amaze me with their strength and heart.”

Angel later decided to help make one of Cadence’s wishes come true… to see Sam Hunt!

Last Wednesday (Nov. 18), Angel was able to secure tickets to Hunt’s show at the Morgan County Cultural Center for Cadence to attend the show with her mother and sister. “She smiled so much all day and felt so pretty and special,” Angel explained. “To be able to bring so many loving, compassionate people together to make a little girl’s dreams come true is one of the most beautiful experiences of my life.”

But the show wasn’t the only surprise for the little girl… she also got to spend time with the “Break Up In A Small Town” singer. “Sam was absolutely amazing with Cadence and gave her memories she will never forget. He told her she was beautiful and she won best dressed for the night,” said Angel. “He signed her hat and made her feel so special and he probably has no idea how much good he did through that small act.”

“At the end of the evening she told me her face hurt. I told her it was from all the smiling she had done during the day,” Tara expressed. “The concert truly made her feel like the most important girl in the world.”

The concert and meet-and-greet was just what the family needed. They recently had to move in to an apartment because of Cadence’s medical bills. If you are able to help the girl’s family, visit their GoFundMe account HERE. You can also stay up-to-date with Cadence’s recovery on Facebook.

*Photo by Brandy Angel Photography