Sam Hunt Shares Heartfelt New Song Called ’23’

What do you think of his nostalgic new song?

Sam Hunt Shares Heartfelt New Song Called ’23’
Sam Hunt; Photo Credit: Connor Dwyer

Sam Hunt shared a short clip of a brand new song called “23” on Instagram on this week. He shared the song in the form a video that finds the singer and members of his band sitting in a circle playing the song live with acoustic guitars. The song is essentially a heartfelt message to the person he was with when he was 23, as he sings about how the two have gone their separate ways, but the memories they made together will last forever. While Hunt does sing the song from a first-person perspective, it is sure to relate to anyone who has experienced young love.

Hunt starts with first the verse, in which he sings about the different places this ex could be now, such as married to an architect or drinking wine in California. In the chorus, however, he stresses that no matter where she is now, he’ll always know where and who she was when she was 23.

“No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I’ll never be 23 with anyone but you. You can marry who you want, go back to Tennessee, but you’ll never be 23 with anyone but me,” he sings in the chorus.

He then ends the chorus with a powerful line that speaks to the fleeting nature of young love: “We’ll always be in between real love and real life.”

The song is part of a crop of new music Hunt says he’s been writing recently. He will be playing “23” and tracks from his latest album, Southside, on SiriusXM The Highway’s Highway Finds Fest this coming weekend.