Sam Williams Signs Major Label Deal With UMG Nashville

He's the grandson of Hank Williams and son of Hank Jr., but an artist of his own making.

Sam Williams Signs Major Label Deal With UMG Nashville
Sam Williams celebrates the signing of his record deal with UMG Nashville on the front porch of his grandfather Hank Williams’ farmhouse. (Franklin, Tenn. – June 2021); Photo Credit: Katie Kauss

One of country’s royal houses has sent a new generation to Music Row, with Sam Williams announcing he’s signed a major label recording contract with UMG Nashville. The news means grandson of country pioneer Hank Williams and son of icon Hank Williams Jr. will now get the backing of a massive team, so fans should be seeing much more of the intriguing artist soon.

Previously an independent artist with one EP (10-4) and a handful of singles to his credit, the 24-year-old singer-songwriter carries the considerable weight of his family’s legacy with him, but he’s very much a talent of his own making.

At times, the young artist’s voice is reminiscent of his granddad’s, and he clearly shares the songwriting insight that both icons put to use. But his sound is more experimental, mixing country honesty with modern pieces of indie rock, punk, pop and more. After dropping tracks like “Can’t Fool Your Own Blood,” Williams planned to expand his 10-4 EP into a debut album and release it independently, but now says he’s glad things have changed.

“I never saw this coming and planned on releasing my album independently, but the universe had other plans,” Williams says in a social media post. “Thank you infinitely to my ride or dies, my favorite people on earth!!!!!”

The rising star went on to pledge fidelity not to his family name, but to their celebrated go-your-own-way spirit.

“I promise to always be myself and never manufacture something false in my music,” he said. “I never tried to be like my family, never tried to follow anyone else’s path, never tried to shop to record labels, and eventually it worked out for the absolute best. Thank you to anyone who played a part in my years as an independent artist. We major!!!!”

Sam Williams plans to release his debut album, Glasshouse Children, sometime this summer.