Sarah Buxton’s Self-Titled New Album

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Sarah Buxton’s Self-Titled New Album

Sarah Buxton’s self-titled album was released yesterday and it’s packed with great new music! Between Sarah’s unique voice and easy-to-relate to lyrics, there was such a feeling of comfort while listening to the album. Many, many times throughout the album, I felt as though Sarah was a close friend, singing songs to me about my own life. Many listeners will feel the same way about much of this music since Sarah does a great job of relating to everyday people.

This is absolutely evident in “Outside My Window” where although people may all dream of different things, we all “still need stars when you’re wishin’ at night/A best friend to set you right, a good laugh, a warm bath/And a beautiful song you can sing along to/Good news that’ll make you cry/All the little things that money cant buy… ” With those lyrics and the upbeat sound of the song, you can’t help but sing and dance along while listening to this one!

Another song that feels like it speaks right to the listener is “That Kind Of Day.” Sarah uses an upbeat positive approach to sing about those days that we all have… “stayed out about two hours too late/and now it’s hard gettin’ out of this bed/Man, my boyfriend was a pain in the butt last night/Now he’s an ache in my head/Stubbed my toe on the dresser and I guess/It’s too late to shower and do my hair” Although perhaps a familiar storyline in country music, this song easily urges fans to take a deep breath on a bad day and realize that we all have those kinds of days!

The album also includes Sarah’s beautiful version of the Keith Urban smash-hit “Stupid Boy.” Sarah actually co-wrote that song which earned Urban a Grammy Award back in 2007 for Best Male Country Vocal Performance.

If you’d like to learn more about the music, Sarah has recorded acoustic videos of all 11 songs on the album. You can watch her perform the beautiful love song “Wings” below…

You can watch all of Sarah’s other acoustic videos HERE.

We want to know – have you listened to some of Sarah’s new music yet? What do you think? We’re loving the music and are excited for Sarah to finally have this album out to the listeners!

You can purchase the album for only $5.99 on Amazon… click HERE to take advantage of that great offer!