Scotty McCreery Found Strength in Seasons Change: ‘You’re Stronger Than You Think You Are’

“Writing about yourself and writing about life in general, you'll figure out things about you that you didn't already know,” he explains of the album.

Written by Cillea Houghton
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Scotty McCreery; Photo via Triple 8 Management

Leading up to his latest album Seasons Change, Scotty McCreery went through a series of challenging, yet meaningful learning experiences that paved the way for 14 honest tracks. The American Idol winner conveys the longing for moments he can’t get back on the impactful “Five More Minutes” and preludes the emotions he felt leading up to his wedding day on “This Is It.” But the record of personal observations was comprised during a dark period in McCreery’s career.

Suddenly dropped from Mercury Nashville in 2016, his label home since winning Idol in 2011, McCreery was confronted with the unpleasant side of the music business in a year he refers to as the “lowest point” in his life. The sudden change forced McCreery to navigate the world as an independent artist, a new way of thinking he’s tackled with aplomb. As he looks back on the experience with a fresh perspective, McCreery calls it a “blessing in disguise.” Partnering with Triple Tigers Records, an entertainment company that supports independent artists such as Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Lupe Fiasco, McCreery found his strength and created a successful album that not only hit No. 1 on the Billboard Country Albums chart and inside the top 10 on the all-genre Billboard 200, but warranted a valuable learning experience for the young star.

Scotty McCreery

Scotty McCreery; Photo Credit: Jeff Ray for Triple Tigers Records / Sony Music Entertainment

“Writing about yourself and writing about life in general, you’ll figure out things about you that you didn’t already know,” he explains of the album of that came during a time that “never seemed like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.” “Coming out of that, to have such a positive record, just upbeat, energetic record, to me is talking about how you’re stronger than you probably think you are – just got to pull yourself out of it sometimes and have a good attitude about it because everything happens for a reason.”

Seasons Change resonated with McCreery’s enduring fans, many of which had an emotive response to the three-minute biographies all co-written by the singer, particularly the lead single, “Five More Minutes.” Listeners share stories about loved ones they’ve lost, while one fan found unique meaning in the message after playing her final softball game, longing to be back on the field each time she hears the song. “I think everybody’s found themselves through a song,” he reflects. “We all know what it’s like in life to have that feeling. If you can, try not to wish you had those five more minutes. Do the things you want to do and live the life you want to live. Through writing that song, it’s made me live a little more like that.”

McCreery is ready to share these lessons on the road during the Seasons Change Tour, making stops in 13 cities across the country. McCreery is going into the tour with a rejuvenated mindset about how he wants to present himself and his music. While he’ll incorporate his biggest hits into the show, the country star will primarily focus on the present, performing the new record from top to bottom. “It’s always been a very formulated thing for me and I’m starting to get away from that,” he says of touring. “Each night will be different.”

The tour also offers a new platform for opener Jimmie Allen, who’s quickly establishing himself as a promising act with his rising hit, “Best Shot.” The up-and-coming star is grateful to McCreery for providing the opportunity to win over new fans, hoping to draw them in with authenticity. “I think the most that you can do is be yourself; not be afraid to show your flaws or whatever it is that you feel can connect to people the most. Everybody might not like your music but the more you show them about yourself, they might connect with me,” Allen says. “Giving them more branches to try to connect to your tree.”

The Seasons Change Tour begins Nov. 29, with dates continuing through December and into January of 2019.