Scotty McCreery’s Faith To Play Role On Debut Album

Scotty McCreery’s Faith To Play Role On Debut Album

Scotty McCreery is wasting no time getting a start on his country music career. Since he was crowned “American Idol,” the North Carolina native has charted a top 25 (and still climbing) single, made his Grand Ole Opry debut, and he’s already started the process of recording his debut album. McCreery says he hopes his faith will play a role on his forthcoming album.

“One thing I love about Josh Turner is his faith, that’s why I looked up to him so much,” McCreery tells The Boot. “All the albums he’s had have had at least one Christian song, like ‘The Answer’ on his last album and ‘Long Black Train.’ So I’m hoping to have that on my album — that one Christian song.”

It sounds like McCreery won’t have a tough time finding songs for the album.

“We had a meeting with some publishers the other day, and they were throwing songs and demos my way,” he explains. “I’ve been taking a look at all of them, so — if you’re reading this, guys — keep ‘em coming! We’re enjoying it; we’re starting the album process right now and just excited to see the finished product.”

Scotty says he’s “honored and flattered” that songwriters such as Rhett Akins and the Peach Pickers (Rhett, Ben Hayslip and Dallas Davidson) are pitching songs to him.

“It’s so cool that those guys who’ve written such big hits are trying to get me to sing their songs … I’m loving all of them!”

As of now, no release date has been set for McCreery’s debut album. Fans can catch Scotty on the American Idol LIVE tour this summer.