‘Shady Ladies of Music City’ Podcast Launch Into Season Two

They kicked off their second season with Martina McBride!

Written by Lauren Laffer
‘Shady Ladies of Music City’ Podcast Launch Into Season Two
Cover art courtesy of the Shady Ladies of Music City

Country music fans can get unfiltered and never-before-told stories from the popular podcast, Shady Ladies of Music City. The podcast, hosted by Evelyn Shriver and Susan Nadler, kicked off its second season with a guest appearance from iconic country singer Martina McBride.

During their chat, the Shady Ladies and McBride covered everything from the latter’s beginnings in Kentucky to Tomatogate and the fight for more equality in music. McBride’s stories, along with the stories of other music industry insiders, will be shared throughout the new season of Shady Ladies.

“Our first season of Shady Ladies had no guests, just our stories and recollections,” says Nadler in a press release announcing the kick-off of season two. “This season we pulled back the curtain to answer some listener questions about the movers and shakers, the big wig career makers who actually run the music business –attorneys, agents, performance royalty reps and how they make the business turn from day to day.”

“All of our guests are superstars in their fields. Our friendships are 20 or 30 years old and that comfort level is apparent in our conversations,” Shriver adds. “We hope that it gives listeners a glimpse into who these people really are. They are ‘big deals,’ but they are also funny, sweet and down to earth.”

The podcast began in 2019 and allows Nadler and Shriver to share their stories from decades in the music industry. Both worked in publicity and management for years before joining together and becoming the first female executives to lead a major country music label.

Shady Ladies of Music City is available wherever podcasts can be heard, including Spotify, Stitcher and Apple Podcasts. Fans can also keep up with them on shadyladiesofmusiccity.com, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.