Shania Twain Talks New Music: ‘My Song Direction is Different’

Written by Lauren Laffer
Shania Twain Talks New Music: ‘My Song Direction is Different’

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Shania Twain confirmed that she is indeed working on new music. While she scouts for the ideal producer, many are left wondering what kind of direction the superstar will take with the new album, since she no longer works with Mutt Lange, her ex-husband and writer of many of her songs.

“It’s hard to say, but I’m writing different. My song direction is different, just stylistically. I think it’s just because I’ve been spending so much time writing by myself, whereas before I was writing so much in partnership with Mutt that that influence was split, and mutual,” Shania tells Pulse of Vegas Blog. “Now I’ve been left alone in my own, stylistically, so I think that will be the biggest difference. I think the sound of the record will depend a lot on the producer, and that will be more where the outside influence comes in, in the production.”

When asked if the album will be more country or more pop, the “From This Moment” admits that the album will have a little bit of everything, which she says is more her style. “I do think there will be a contrast there for sure. That is already just who I am anyway. Even if I was producing it myself I would maintain a level of contrast. I think that’s why it has worked so well to make the records that I make. The rock and country is something I am attracted to so I think that wide, broad spectrum of contrast is going to remain. I don’t think I would ever make a straight rock album. It just wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t make that blend in there somewhere.”

Since her last album (Up! in 2002), Twain has come through some very difficult times and tells the blog that this might be her most personal album yet. “I think so, yes, that would definitely be where my head is at. To really just talk in my songs and make it something meaningful for myself that I can appreciate it as a personal experience when I’m performing, probably more than ever before. I’d say that’s a good guess as far as the direction I am going to take it.”

As for a release date? Twain isn’t getting ahead of herself and wants to take everything one step at a time. “No release date in mind at all. I am really still in the stage where I’m accepting the fact that I’ve decided to make another record.”

Shania will return to Las Vegas for a 22-show run. Her show will continue at Caesars Palace during select dates between Oct. 15 through Dec. 14. Tickets are available at

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