Sisters From Nashville Take on ‘American Idol’ Audition Together

After letting Taryn shine during her pop-oriented audition, the judges insisted that her sister, Payton, would also try her hand at performing for the panel.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Sisters From Nashville Take on ‘American Idol’ Audition Together
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Family is family, and that means everyone sticks up for one another. That’s exactly what 20-year-old Payton Taylor did when she came in to back-up her sister, Taryn Coccia, as a guitar player for the American Idol audition and to see her sibling shine in all her glory.

While Coccia charmed the judges immediately with her soulful rendition of Jessie J’s “Masterpiece,” Taylor didn’t fade away into the background like she planned on doing. Rather, Katy Perry whispered away from Luke Bryan into Lionel Richie’s ear to see if Taylor also had the singing gene. Taylor happily admitted she also acquired the musical bone, but wanted to let her sister go ahead and follow her dream.

That didn’t stop Perry from insisting that Taylor give it a shot, so she strummed out a John Prine track that left each of the judges stunned. While Coccia originally gave off more of a pop or R&B vibe, Taylor shocked the panel with her country twang that hailed directly from Nashville. Evaluating the girls separately, the table was unanimous with allowing Taylor to move forward, but it looked as though Coccia’s future on the series dimmed down.

To everyone’s surprise outside of the auditioning room though, both ladies walked out proudly with that golden ticket smile on their faces. They each won a pass to Hollywood to see how their time in the industry would progress and grow.

The auditions on American Idol have seen many ups and downs, but the talent goes unmatched on the revived hit that continues to rock views all across America every week.

New episodes of American Idol air on Sunday and Monday nights at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.