Smithfield Head Out on National Radio Tour to Support ‘Hey Whiskey’

After taking a life of its own, Smithfield will finally send "Hey Whiskey" out to country radio and follow it up with a massive radio tour.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Smithfield Head Out on National Radio Tour to Support ‘Hey Whiskey’
Smithfield; Cover art courtesy C2 Media Relations

After the rollercoaster ride that the ballad, “Hey Whiskey,” has taken Smithfield on, the duo will finally set their sights on radio tour to promote the track this year.

It’s been a four-year process for the country duo to get “Hey Whiskey” out in the mainstream radio world, but Smithfield landed on the emotionally-driven track as their first huge release after hearing so many fans connect with its message. When it came time to head out for some promo across the country, they made it their mission to roll the song out with an even bigger impact than before.

“It gets on SiriusXM The Highway and Spotify and CMT and reaches even more people, and that same response comes back to us: ‘It’s really touched me,’ ‘That’s my story.’ That means more to us than anything is that we’re touching people on their heartstrings and what they’ve gone through in real life. When we got the news about going on a radio tour and everybody was like, ‘‘Hey Whiskey’ has to be the song.’ It was like, just four years of a journey of a song up and down. I don’t know. I don’t even know how to explain it, surreal, emotional, happy, excited, scared, all of that,” Jennifer Fielder of the group said exclusively to Sounds Like Nashville.

The pair will not only be rising and grinding with their debut radio tour, but also snagged the opening slot on Granger Smith’s 2018 tour. Although the hours will mean a lot of work for Smithfield, they can’t wait to make even more special moments with everyone they cross paths with along the way.

“I think too being on the road as long as we have opening for other people, we’ve done a few radio visits so we’ve had a little bit of experience talking with radio people and sharing our story. We’re just going to have to prepare to do it 200 times, so that’s a little bit different but I feel like we’re ready,” Fielder explained.

Smithfield will head out for their radio tour soon, and fans can check out “Hey Whiskey” on streaming services now.