SmithField Share Easter Memories In Honor of ‘Sunday Best’

What makes Easter special for you and your family?

SmithField Share Easter Memories In Honor of ‘Sunday Best’
SmithField; Photo credit: Jason Myers

In their song, “Sunday Best,” released in February, country duo SmithField employ their smooth harmonies to sing to a love interest, letting them know they can be themselves and don’t always have to be in their “Sunday Best.” The duo also released an acoustic version of the song in March, which allows their tight harmonies to shine through even more. In honor of the Sunday-themed song, the duo’s Trey Smith and Jennifer Fielder are looking ahead to Easter Sunday this weekend and remembering some of their favorite Easter moments. Smith remembers trying to reveal the true identity of the Easter bunny, and Fielder shares memories of an Easter egg hunt that ended in gifts.

“Thinking I could catch the Easter bunny is one of my favorite memories,” Smith told Sounds Like Nashville. “Now I know it was definitely my dad, but one Easter morning I heard eggs being put in the basket in our living room. I thought I would be sly and sneak up to catch the Easter bunny. But when I got there, no one was there. I even ran outside to see if I could catch him. My dad always made this holiday so special.”

“I loved all our Easter egg hunts we had at my family farm,” said Fielder. “Every year they would put money in some of the eggs, the big egg was $5! Which, to a 7-year-old, is a lot of money! So I loved the excitement of trying to find the ‘Golden Egg’! Oh, and one year the Easter bunny brought me a *NSYNC CD and he forever became equally as important as Santa Claus.”

The childhoods of SmithField’s Smith and Fielder are unique in that their families were friends thanks to the longtime friendship of their grandfathers, so their two families would often spend time together in their hometown of Waxahachie, Texas.

Photo courtesy of SmithField’s Jennifer Fielder

“Our families celebrated some holidays together,” said the duo. “We were always the entertainment with the fireplace being our stage. Trey’s dad always cooked a good smoked brisket – his family’s secret recipe. And, there were always lots of good stories told, outdoor activities (hide and seek was a must), and family time.”

In honor of “Sunday Best” and the Easter holiday coming up, SmithField also shared some of the the tunes they have on their “Sunday Playlist,” which includes music by Keith Urban and Brett Eldredge.

Photo courtesy of SmithField’s Trey Smith

“Sunday is a day of rest and rejuvenation, unless you’re on the road,” they said. “But for the past year, it’s been a day to relax. So we wanted to have a chill playlist to put on a Sunday drive or Sunday afternoon! Songs like Keith Urban’s ‘Raining on Sunday’ and Brett Eldredge’s ‘Sunday Drive’ set the right vibe!”