Dierks Bentley and Crew Help Drummer Steve Misamore Clean Up His Home Demolished by Nashville Tornado

They are handling the devastating situation as best they can... with a little humor.

Dierks Bentley and Crew Help Drummer Steve Misamore Clean Up His Home Demolished by Nashville Tornado
Dierks Bentley, Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Steve Misamore and CarryAnn, Photo via Instagram

Dierks Bentley’s drummer Steve Misamore and his wife CarryAnn were among those whose homes were destroyed in the Nashville tornado, but they are using humor to help cope with the situation.

Misamore shared a video on Instagram of he and his wife revealing the impact the storm had on their neighborhood. He and his wife were in Vero Beach, Fla. on vacation when they got a call in the middle of the night informing them that a tornado had hit Nashville. They immediately flew home to check out the damage, learning that their neighborhood had been also been devastated. “As you can see, it’s total devastation everywhere. It’s pretty overwhelming,” Masimore says as he pans the camera to show the damage. “And it’s just bricks, lumber and nails. That’s all,” adds CarryAnn. “And we’ll start new memories,” Masimore says emotionally.   

Being the supportive friends they are, Bentley and his crew headed over to the Misamore’s home to help – but not without adding a little comedic relief into the mix – turning the cleanup session into a skit that they shared with fans on Instagram. In the video, the country superstar and his team all gather on Masimore’s porch and knock on the front door, one of the few remaining parts of the house that’s still intact. “We’re here to help you out man,” he says a Masimore opens the door. “Oh, you’d love to see the place? Well it’s kind of a mess right now,” he jokes before inviting them in.

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As the guys walk around the remnants of his home, Masimore makes such quips as “it’s a little messy right now, but we’re going to clean it up,” while offering his pals drinks and remarking that their “open concept” home is “very organic.” At one point, Bentley picks up a piece of the installation and asks if it’s a “curtain piece” as others comment on the view and natural light. The “Riser” singer also had a close call with the tornado, revealing that he was flying in his airplane over the storm cell that turned into the tornado one hour before it hit.