Steve Moakler Wants to Be More Than Friends on ‘How Have We Never’

What a great new song!

Written by Chris Parton
Steve Moakler Wants to Be More Than Friends on ‘How Have We Never’
Steve Moakler; Photo Credit: Spencer Combs

Rootsy singer-songwriter Steve Moakler dials up a romantic “why not?” with his new track “How Have We Never,” capturing a spark of desire that’s about to flare up.

Premiering today (November 6), it finds the Pennsylvania riser easing into a new, exciting realization about someone who until now, has just been a friend. With the warm wash of a breezy steel guitar and an intriguing, half-buzzed beat, the crux of the track isn’t so much of a proposition as an open ended question — but presented by Moakler’s dashing vocal, it might just work.

“‘How Have We Never’ is about the turning point in a relationship when two people realize that they’re more than just friends,” Moakler says of the swaying standout. “It’s about chemistry and curiosity. Sonically, it’s one of my favorite tracks I have been a part of.”

“How have we never been the last to leave on Friday night / Slowly killed a whole red bottle of wine / Lose ourselves, run across the line, after all this time / How have we never?” goes the smooth-talking chorus.

“How Have We Never” appears on upcoming Blue Jeans album, which is set for release in January. The fresh face has already released three other tracks as a preview package called The Pocket, with plans to drop two more songs this Friday (November 8).