Steven Lee Olsen Talks Debut Single, ‘Raised by a Good Time’

Written by Andrew Ellis
Steven Lee Olsen Talks Debut Single, ‘Raised by a Good Time’

Steven Lee Olsen

Country newcomer Steven Lee Olsen has just released his debut single, “Raised by a Good Time,” to country radio.

The song is something Olsen says was born out of him just talking with his co-writers during a session.

“I was sitting with a couple buddies of mine, Chris Stevens and Cary Barlowe, and we were actually struggling,” Olsen recalls. “You know, we got together to write a song, but sometimes it’s tough.”

He added that there are times when you just stare at each during a writing session because you can’t come up with anything to write about. So after they opened a few beers, they had an idea: just talk.

“So we all just started talkin’ about how we grew up, and we had a lot in common about all the stupid things we did,” he explains. “And you know, how much fun we had and just hell we raised, and tried not to get caught. So that’s how that song was born.”

“Raised by a Good Time” is now available at digital retailers. Take a listen to the track below.