Here’s The Story Behind Gary Allan’s Legendary Bronco Logo

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Here’s The Story Behind Gary Allan’s Legendary Bronco Logo
Gary Allan; Photo Credit: Eric Adkins

Gary Allan’s legendary logo, a bucking skeleton bronco with its skeleton rider, is almost as legendary as the singer. It has been on every album and piece of merchandise almost as long as he has sold merchandise. Now it graces many pieces of jewelry that Allan makes as well.

The bronco has been around long before the singer had a record deal. According to Allan, in a video on the jewelry section of his website, it was originally cut out of piece of window tint and stuck on his acoustic guitar. It lasted for years but one day the singer peeled it off and much to his surprise, it had a skeleton vibe to it.

Allan decided he wanted to use that look for his logo. Not sure where to start, he went to an art college near where he lived in California and had a contest to see what the students there could come up with. None of the designs were exactly what he was looking for, so he ended up not using any of them.

One day he was talking about the logo he wanted with his manager, John Lytle. He was describing the logo in a manner of how a tattoo artist might draw it. (As fans know, Allan is a huge fan of tattoos) Lytle just looked at him and said, “Why not just go to the tattoo artist you are talking about?”

Allan immediately went to the tattoo artist, Miss Christine of Huntington Beach Tattoo. He told her what he wanted and started describing the logo to her. “She was drawing while I was talking about the logo and when I finished she just turned it around and said, “Like that?’

I said, “Exactly like that, can I buy that from you?’ And we did and that is the story of the legendary bronco logo.”

Gary Allan’s new album, Ruthless, is out now.