Sugarland Announces First Album in Seven Years, ‘Bigger’

After seven years, Sugarland will send new music out to fans in the form of their album, Bigger.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Sugarland Announces First Album in Seven Years, ‘Bigger’
Sugarland; Photo via Facebook

After a multi-year hiatus, Sugarland re-emerged into the world of country music with a surprise appearance at the CMA Awards. Rumors started rolling of the duo’s reunion and the two happily obliged, quickly releasing their single, “Still The Same.”

The prospect of reuniting was daunting for both Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, who took things slowly when broaching the idea. Before committing to anything, the two settled on a writing session in late August 2017 to see if there was still magic in the room.

“It was fun,” Bush told The Tennessean of the session. “It was like, ‘Oh yeah, we grab things quick.’ We grab them out of the air, and they bounce real easy.”

The hours together turned into “Still The Same” and a song called “On A Roll,” both of which they decided to record during their next meeting. Eventually, Bush and Nettles would write together again and round out each of the songs appearing on their upcoming album, Bigger.

The album is full of “serious grooves,” Bush says, but also doesn’t shy away from heavier issues.

“I think there’s something with Sugarland that is a higher calling,” Nettles said. “What we’ve been writing for this new record, it is clear we had things inside of us that we felt the world needed to hear. I think translating that pain into hope is something that Sugarland does really well.”

Sugarland’s Bigger is set for release June 8.