Sugarland Sends Shoutout to Moms By Releasing ‘Mother’

Moms…they’re like the modern version of superheroes without capes and Sugarland knows just the way to appreciate them by way of song.

Sugarland Sends Shoutout to Moms By Releasing ‘Mother’
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Moms…they’re like the modern version of superheroes without capes. Always saving the day and making the world a better place one piece of advice at a time.

In celebration of Mother’s Day on the horizon, Sugarland dedicated their next song to all the women out there taking care of their babies with a track called “Mother.” The lyrics highlight all the simple accomplishments that the matriarchs of the family achieve like, “She fixes all the broken things / when you’re in love, she’s got a ring / to give to you she hopes you give away.”

Not only will “Mother” mark a special place in the hearts of listeners, but Jennifer Nettles understands the meaning of taking care of a child and how indescribable that love truly feels like and hopes the song represents the dedication to the best of its ability.

“It is the strangest feeling. I will never know again what it is like to be one whole person. I will forever have my heart walking on the outside of my body. I will worry for every day of the rest of my life,” Nettles told NASH Prep about the biggest change since becoming a mom.

Sugarland has also sent out “Still the Same” and “Babe” featuring Taylor Swift to show some pieces of their comeback to the country format. Their new album, Bigger, will demonstrate just how far the duo has come from their humble beginnings until now.

“Mother” is available now when you pre-order Bigger.