Sugarland’s “Little Miss Project” Has A New Home

Sugarland’s “Little Miss Project” Has A New Home

The “Little Miss Project” that we recently told you about is really getting some attention from Sugarland! The duo recently posted an update on their website to let fans know about the next phase of the project…

We told you there would be more phases to this amazing collaborative effort, and we are so thrilled to announce today that we’re handing the Little Miss Project back to the person who knows it best: Erica Bjork, the fan who created the original video.

Erica has set up a blog at, which will become the new hub for all things LMP-related. There, she’ll post some of the videos we’ve collected over the past few weeks, and give everyone a forum for more conversation, sharing, and support.

Plus, she’s got something pretty awesome in the works for the LMP’s next phase… but we’ll let her tell you about that when she’s ready. (Oh, the suspense!)

You can follow the Little Miss Project on Twitter @littlemissprjct, or via Facebook at for updates on when new blogs are posted. Erica also has a gmail address set up for new submissions: littlemissproject at gmail dot com. (We suggest videos be delivered via YouSendIt or a similar file compression service.)

Erica would also like to encourage anyone who hasn't shared their story because they wish to remain anonymous to write a blog post, if you'd like. These can be submitted via the gmail address as well, and would allow you to participate without revealing your face to the world, should you prefer to remain private.

We continue to be so touched by every single one of your stories, and we're so thrilled that the Little Miss Project now has a home of its own. Hopefully you will take advantage of it as a place to go whenever you need a little reminder that you’re okay, it WILL be all right again, and you ARE loved!