Enter For A Chance to WIN a Copy of Brent Cobb’s New Book, ‘Little Stuff’

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Written by Lauren Laffer
Enter For A Chance to WIN a Copy of Brent Cobb’s New Book, ‘Little Stuff’
Brent Cobb; Photo credit: Alysse Gafkjen

Brent Cobb is one of Nashville’s most prolific and interesting songwriters. He puts pen to paper, words to music, and creates masterful projects that will last forever. Inspired from a song on his Keep ‘Em On They Toes album, Cobb decided to use his words in a new way – in a children’s book.

Called “Little Stuff,” the song is a look at the things that are truly important in life. This message carried over into the inspiring new book, illustrated by Delaney Royer.

Cover art courtesy of Brent Cobb

“Each album I’ve made since Shine on Rainy Day has been written with my kids in mind. I’ve always wanted to make sure they knew where Daddy’s heart was in the event something happened and I wasn’t around anymore,” says Cobb (quote via Music Row). “It was that same inspiration that inspired this book to come to be. Also, we were all children once upon a time. Can’t you still remember when all that really mattered was just the little stuff?”

To celebrate the release of his children’s book, Sounds Like Nashville has your chance to win a copy! Three lucky grand prize winners will be randomly selected to take home Little Stuff to read with their family at home. Use the entry form below to enter for your chance to win!

Pick up your copy of Little Stuff – out now – here.