The Swon Brothers Embark on Trip to Russia for 2014 Winter Olympics

Written by Lauren Laffer
The Swon Brothers Embark on Trip to Russia for 2014 Winter Olympics

The Swon Brothers - CountryMusicIsLove

The 22nd Winter Olympic games are set to start this week in Sochi, Russia. While athletes from across the world are training to prepare for the games, another team is getting ready for the Olympics as well.

The Swon Brothers are on their way to Russia in support of their single, “Later On,” which will be featured on NBC’s “Today Show” Olympic coverage.

On top of the excitement about their single airing during Olympic coverage, the Oklahoma natives are also looking forward to leaving the country for the first time. “Yeah, there’s a lot of things that are firsts for us,” Zach says. “You know, I was pretty excited when we got a chance to go to Canada and play, and now we find out we’re going to Russia, and we’re gonna do an event over there, and we’re gonna actually get to go to the Olympics, you know? This is crazy cool, everything that’s happening to us, and we feel just super blessed, and you know, all I know is I gotta pack some warm clothes.”

“Yeah, goin’ to Russia is gonna be pretty amazing,” Colton adds. “NBC has asked us to join their party over there and do some shows for ‘em, and everybody tells me it’s gonna be cold, so I’m gonna pack some warm socks and drink some hot coffee while I’m there and…but enjoy some Olympics, too. Go U.S.A.!”

And though the brothers are originally going to Russia for “Later On,” Colton knows the real reason they were invited to go. “They asked [Zach] to join the [figure skating] team. He’s gonna be on the ice.”

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The opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics airs tomorrow on NBC at 7:30 pm.