Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile Set to Work on Follow Up Album

We can't wait to hear the follow up to "While I'm Livin'!"

Written by Chris Parton
Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile Set to Work on Follow Up Album
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - OCTOBER 03: Shooter Jennings, Tanya Tucker and Brandi Carlile attend The Drop: Tanya Tucker at the GRAMMY Museum on October 03, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images for The Recording Academy )

Outlaw country icon Tanya Tucker, who made a triumphant comeback with help from Americana star Brandi Carlile on 2019’s While I’m Livin’, is planning another album. And in a new interview with Rolling Stone, the gritty singer-songwriter says she’s bringing the same team back together.

Tucker and Carlile also joined forces with producer Shooter Jennings for While I’m Livin’ — the son of Waylon Jennings and a rebellious country rocker in his own right — and the project led to two Grammy awards (Best Country Album and Best Country Song). Now Tucker hopes to repeat the success.

“We’re just about ready to get started on a new album,” she revealed. “[Carlile] sent me maybe a verse and chorus, and it blew me away. So we’re on the right track.”

While I’m Livin’ included standout tracks like the reflective ballad, “Bring My Flowers Now,” which Tucker and Carlile performed at the last Grammy Awards ceremony. It won over fans and critics as some of Tucker’s best work since the beginning of her career — back when she was a 13-year-old phenom on Delta Dawn — and many credit Carlile with that … including Tucker. So with that in mind, the star says she and Carlile with stick with what works.

“Right as we finished it, we went right to the vocal booth and recorded it,” Tucker explains of creating “Bring My Flowers Now.” “And I said, ‘I wanna fix a few things.’ And Brandi said, ‘No, it is what it is. Think about it as ‘Tanya Tucker the singer, flaws and all. Not the entertainer.’ I said I could understand that. She explains things like I can understand it. So whenever anyone wants me to do something and I don’t wanna do it, they have her call me!

“All I want, all I’ve ever wanted, was just an opportunity to be heard,” she went on. “Not to close me off and not to categorize me — just to let everybody hear me, man. They don’t have to like me, but they might, you know? I’m greedy. I just want an opportunity to gather up some more fans. The more I have, the better I like it.”