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Taylor Swift Blogs

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift was bored, that’s right bored, last night after her show in Charlotte, NC, so she took to her MySpace to update fans on what’s going on in her life.

Here’s what she had to say…

So I’m on the bus right now.

We just played Charlotte, North Carolina. I LOVE the Carolinas, both North and South. Good people here, there’s just something about this place. But tonight I feel a little left out because two thirds of the artists on this tour are from North Carolina. Yep. Kellie Pickler: from North Carolina. Gloriana: From North Carolina. Me: Not from North Carolina. Man.. Now they’re all out having fun and celebrating their North Carolina-ness together. And I’m on the bus, having just watched a very compelling and educational History Channel special on The Dark Ages. I think I’m about to download a new one that’s about the Plague. So, as you can imagine, it’s wayyy more of a party in here than anything Kellie and Gloriana are doing. Wayyyy more. I mean seriously. The Plague was history’s most devastating biological disaster ever, and I’m about to watch it play out RIGHT before my eyes… Well.. the re-enactments, at least. And I’m stoked about it. This is going to be a fun-filled night, even if I wasn’t invited to the “we’re all 21 and from North Carolina” party. Pshhh.

So lately there have been some very spirited and creative outfits out there in the crowd. Some of my favorites include: A full-on high school band uniform with giant glasses (prop: a piece of paper that says “I love you”). Straight up You Belong With Me video recreation. A great one was the complete medieval princess full length gown. (props: a masquerade mask, perfect hair up-do, and tiara). A lot of girls have been making their own “Junior Jewels” t-shirts, which is the t-shirt I wore in the You Belong With Me video. It was a shirt my fiddle player Caitlin let me borrow from her old days at band camp, fully adorned with puffy paint and campers’ signatures. Caitlin gets so excited when she sees someone wearing a hand-made replica Junior Jewels shirt. Her little face lights up like it’s Christmas and she just unwrapped something bird-themed. Caitlin loves birds. Major hippy with a serious bird fetish. But anyway, to continue on with all the costume discussion, my favorite one might possibly be the Thug Story costume, fully equipped with bling, bandana and DIAMONDS IN YO MOUF (a grill). I love looking out into the crowd. I see lots and lots and lots of dresses (which, I feel, make the world a better place) and lots of people that sing the words to my songs back to me, therefore making me feel like I’m not alone.

See, when I write songs, I write them because I need to figure something out. I need for what I’m feeling to make more sense to me, so I make it into a song. Music has always made sense to me. My songs are always personal, and they always include details.. Because when I sit down to write, it’s really just about telling the story the way it happened. And usually when life is happening to you, you feel like you’re the only one going through it. When I finish a song, sometimes I think “I must be the only person who has ever felt this way, right?”. Then you guys come into the picture. You stand there, singing those lyrics and writing them all over your car windows and your shirt and your away messages. And I want you to know that it makes me so happy, because it’s reassurance that we’re all connected somehow. And I really love knowing that.

Liz, my back up singer, was sick this weekend. She had a stuffy nose and a sore throat, and those two things are my new NIGHTMARES. If I get either of those two things, (let’s be dramatic right now) EVERYTHING would be, like, RUINED!! Haha. Well, not really. But you get the point. Getting sick when you play a two hour show every night is really inconvenient. So we basically quarantined Liz. I didn’t see her much this weekend, except for on stage. It was so sad. Caitlin and I had to get ready at our three-person dressing table.. And there was one sad little empty chair. Tonight I wrote Liz an “I miss you” card. It had a picture of a kitten making a sad face on the front. I feel like kitten cards make everything better, pretty much. I was all “I’m so sorry you’re infected, come back I miss you” and this whole long note. Then I put Craisins in the card. Not packaged, just loose Craisins in the card. If you don’t know what Craisins are (How can you not know??!!), they’re dried cranberry-raisins that are basically the most awesome thing ever. So hopefully the combination of cute kittens and Craisins will bring Liz back to perfect health.

I got to play Madison Square Garden a few weeks ago, and all I can say is that it was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I’ll never forget how loud that sound was when the crowd would roar. It was just unreal. Plus, Rihanna sent me flowers and I ran up and down the halls announcing it to perfect strangers. There’s a lot going on that I’m very excited about. One of the things at the top of my favorite things list is that I have new music coming out! What’s that you say? We just put out Fearless last year? I know! We’re not putting out a whole new album. We’re re-releasing Fearless with SIX new songs added. I’m so excited for you to hear this new music, see the new pictures, and watch the 50 million hours of bonus content. I love you a lot and I’ll see you on the road!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have History Channel educational specials to watch. The Plague!!! PARTY!!!


Well, it sounds like you T-Swift fans have something to look forward to, a re-release of Fearless!