Taylor Swift Covers “Sugar” Magazine

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Taylor Swift Covers “Sugar” Magazine

Taylor Swift - CountryMusicIsLove

Taylor Swift appears on the cover of the March 20 issue of Sugar magazine. In the issue, the country sensation talks about frineds, fans, and taking care of herself! Here are some highlights from the magazine…

On her friendships with celeb friends: “When I need to vent or have a rant about something that’s bothering me, I’ll call my friends Emma (Stone,) or Selena (Gomez), who can always cheer me up” she’s like a ray of sunshine! And Katy (Perry) always sends me the most hilarious text messages.”

On doing things for herself: “In school I hated my hair. My first boyfriend would make subtle suggestions, like, ‘I love your hair straight” you should do that more often.’ So I’d straighten it all the time. Or he’d say, ‘You look so good with a tan,’ so I was tanning every day. It hit me that I didn’t want to be the version of myself that he approved of, so I had to end it. I look back at pictures of myself and I look like a different person.”

On her fans: “They’re girls my age who I’d be hanging out with if I was at school right now. We have a close relationship. If they come to a few shows, I remember them. I’m not going to put up a weird barrier between me and my fans” I wouldn’t have any of this without them.”