Taylor Swift: Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney Are ‘My Heroes’

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Taylor Swift: Faith Hill, Kenny Chesney Are ‘My Heroes’

When Taylor Swift first came to Nashville, there were many artists that she’d always looked up to for their success in the spotlight. Among those people were Faith Hill and Kenny Chesney and although she still admires them for their career accomplishments, Taylor now looks up to them on a more personal level.

“I think my favorite person in Nashville is Faith Hill,” Taylor recently told Nashville Lifestyles. “She’s been my idol since I saw her on both VH1 and CMT when I was about 10. I loved how she was taking country music to bigger audiences, and her grace in the spotlight. Since I put out my first album, Faith has been a welcoming and warm presence in my life, time after time. She sends flowers on my birthday and sent me cookies when I got sick.”

Like Faith, Kenny is always there to offer support and is someone that Taylor describes as “one of my favorite people.”

“He’s so supportive, and always makes sure I know he’s in my corner. He sends little notes of encouragement, and I know I can ask him for advice any time. These are two people who had always been my heroes for their career accomplishments, and when I met them, they became my heroes for their characters.”

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