Taylor Swift Ready For Album Release!

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Taylor Swift Ready For Album Release!

Taylor Swift is beyond excited for her album release tomorrow, and she took to her MySpace blog this morning to share some info about the songs on the new album as well as where you might be able to find her at midnight tonight! Here’s her blog…

And it all comes down to this.

Hey guys!

I should be sleeping, because I have to get up in a few hours to go to Good Morning America tomorrow– but I can’t. I can’t stop thinking about the fact that in less than 24 HOURS, the new album is going to be out. It’s crazy to think about, because this is literally everything I’ve thought about for the past two years. I’ve been wanting you to hear these new songs since the very moment of their creation. Every single song has a face attached. They’re all about people. Some even mention names. But most importantly, these songs tell my stories.

These songs tell the story of my freshmen year of high school, and the day I met Abigail. They tell the story of the guy who apologized over and over again without ever meaning it. The story about saying goodbye to someone when you don’t want to, because you can’t breathe without them. The story of the boy who never realized he was with the wrong girl, and that the right one was right there in front of him. The story of my childhood, and the moment I realized my mom was the best friend I’ll ever have. The memories of running and laughing and having the best days with her.

These songs tell stories about fairytale romances, and how sometimes they don’t work out the way you dream about when you’re a little girl. Because when we’re young, we dream about Romeo and Prince Charming– and we hope he’ll ride up on a white horse and rescue us. But sometimes the white horse shows up too late, after the prince has already let you down and left your dreams out in the rain. I never read a fairy tale with that ending. I guess that’s the hard part about living in reality.

One song tells the story of the underdogs who spent every day dreaming about the day they’d see things change, and the story of the night things finally…. did. And they sang hallelujah. There’s the story of the first date that’s so magical, you want to dance around the parking lot in the rain. In your best dress. There’s the tragic story of the boy who walked away–because he found some other girl to promise forever to. Then there’s the love story about how it can all actually work out perfectly and wonderfully. And how love really CAN be everything we dream about. About how someday, we all just might find the one that will kneel to the ground and pull out a ring and say “Marry me, Juliet. You never have to be alone. I love you and that’s all I really know.”

And maybe that’s wishful thinking. But maybe… that’s just being fearless. 😉

Midnight tonight. Be there.


PS: I heard a great place to buy the first copy is the Wal Mart in Hendersonville, TN. It’s so great, I might just go there myself and pick one up.