Taylor Swift Says Gender Doesn’t Matter

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Taylor Swift Says Gender Doesn’t Matter

Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift

Carrie Underwood pulled the gender card when she was up for the ACM Entertainer of the Year award in April. When asked about being the only female nominated in a typically male dominated category Underwood said, “These guys, they dress in T-shirts and jeans every night and they put on a show – a great show – and they work very hard. But we women, we've got the hair, we've got the makeup, we've got the heels, we've got the dresses. We get out there, and I might be willing to say we may have to work a wee bit harder than the boys.”

We had quite the debate going here on CountryMusicIsLove (check it out HERE) when we posted about Carrie’s comments; Some of you stuck up for Carrie and others called her out saying that gender shouldn’t matter.

Now it’s Taylor Swift’s turn. She’s the only female up for the CMA Entertainer of the Year award this week…don’t expect her to pull the gender card.

“I think you have to do the work and put in the effort and do the touring that it takes to win entertainer of the year,” Taylor Swift tells The Associated Press. “And I don’t really think it has anything to do with gender. I think if you want to compete with the boys, play on a level that they’re playing at.”

We compltely agree with Miss Swift. It’s not about the fashion, makeup, or high heels, it’s about the music.

Who do you agree with? What are your thoughts?