Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield, Casey James Form Trio, Texas Hill

This is a star-studded new trio.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield, Casey James Form Trio, Texas Hill
L to R: Craig Wayne Boyd, Adam Wakefield, and Casey James; Photo by Debbie Wallace

The Voice and American Idol fans are in for a treat – fan favorite contestants Craig Wayne Boyd (The Voice), Casey James (American Idol) and Adam Wakefield (The Voice) are combining forces to create a new trio, Texas Hill.

The three men have been touring and recording music separately for a number of years, but decided to team up together for this new endeavor.

“We all saw the benefit of bringing three different audiences together from a touring perspective, but none of us were committed to the band until we sat down and actually started making music together,” James told Billboard. “Up to that point, it was just wishful thinking. The first day that we really worked up a few songs to test the waters really sealed the deal for us. Hearing our voices blend together was something that got us all excited and, from that point on, we have all been 100% resolved to make it happen.”

“When we were talking about what to call ourselves we needed to find something we all had in common. Casey and Craig are both from Texas, and I’m from the cornerstone of southern music… New Hampshire (ha). When I was a kid I lived on top of a mountain on a road called Texas Hill Road. My brother and I were always drawn to Southern music as kids, and after high school, he started a band called Texas Hill. The band broke up… My brother passed away before we got to start another band together, so when I brought the idea to Casey and Craig, I hoped they’d be into it. I thought it would be a cool way for my brother to live on in a small way,” added Wakefield.

The trio celebrated their union with the release of “Darkest Sky,” a song co-written by Ryan Beaver, Mike Walker, and James LeBlanc. The track is the first of several that Texas Hill has recorded and will be featured on their debut EP, expected to arrive this summer.