The Judds Will Reunite In 2010

Written by SLN Staff Writer
The Judds Will Reunite In 2010


Wynonna says that The Judds are making plans to reunite in 2010…

“We are ‘in talks,’ so there’s nothing that’s been defined yet,” Wynonna says. “I just felt it in my spirit. A couple weeks ago I said, ‘It’s 2010. It’s been 25 years. It’s take your mother to work year. It just feels like it’s the right time; she’ll be 64 in January, and I think it’s time — not the whole year, but it’s just going to be a way to celebrate her.”

Wynonna credits the moment when she and her mother, Naomi, performed live at this year’s CMA Music Festival for giving them the inspiration to get back together as a duo.

“It was huge,” she recalls. “We sang for 50,000 people and they sang back to us and it was a holy moment. And on the drive home I thought, ‘Y’know, I really appreciate where I’ve come from and the people do, too, and they love the Judds music and it hasn’t disappeared.’ I just thought, ‘Y’know, I think it’s time.’ “

She says that she and her mother are “open to” recording new music and touring in the future.