The Voice Recap: Shane Q and Myracle Holloway Go Head-to-Head for Instant Save

It was another evening of eliminations on The Voice, bringing us one step closer to the finale.

Written by Tammy Ragusa
The Voice Recap: Shane Q and Myracle Holloway Go Head-to-Head for Instant Save
THE VOICE -- "Live Top 11 Eliminations" Episode 1717B -- Pictured: (l-r) Shane Q, Myracle Holloway, Carson Daly -- (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

It was another evening of eliminations on season 17 of NBC’s The Voice, bringing us one step closer to the December 17 finale.

While most of the contestants who were automatically moved on in the competition were given a reprieve from getting behind the microphone, those on Team Legend and Team Blake did join their coaches for group performances. In addition, the two contestants who were not advanced to the next week competed for the nail-biting Instant Save.

The first two contestants to move on in the competition were:

RICKY DURAN from Team Blake

KATIE KADAN from Team Legend

Team Legend, consisting of Will Breman, Marybeth Byrd and Katie Kadan, along with their coach, John Legend, took the stage together for the first performance of the evening. Singing the Bee Gees’ “How Deep Is Your Love” gave each of the singers a chance to showcase their vocal style, as well as their ability to collaborate and blend on a song known for its incredible harmonies.

Next, we learned of two more contestants continuing in the competition. They were:

ROSE SHORT from Team Gwen

JAKE HOOT from Team Kelly

Gwen Stefani, who performed with her team last week, took the stage alone this week to perform a medley of her hits, including “What You Waiting For,” “Hollaback Girl” and “Rich Girl,” which fellow pop star Eve joined her on. Following her performance, host Carson Daly presented the pop icon with a plaque for the 15th anniversary of her debut solo album, Love. Angel. Music. Baby.

Two more contestants were given their green light to continue in the competition next. They were:


WILL BREMAN from Team Legend

Blake Shelton and his remaining team members, Ricky Duran and Kat Hammock, took the stage next for a foot-stomping rendition of Bachman Turner Overdrive’s “Takin’ Care of Business.”

Another three contestants were then given their ticket to the next round, and they were:

MARYBETH BYRD from Team Legend

KAT HAMMOCK from Team Blake

HELLO SUNDAY from Team Kelly

That meant that Myracle Holloway and Shane Q would perform for the Instant Save.

SHANE Q from Team Kelly was up first singing “Jealous” by Labrinth.

BLAKE: “It’s a testament to how incredible the talent is this season that you’re in this save position because you’re one of the best singers we’ve had on this show ever.”

MYRACLE HOLLOWAY from Team Gwen was next with “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker.

Before they announced who would go home, Kelly addressed both of the contestants, instead of just her team member, Shane. She told them, “Obviously, I’m Team Shane on this, but I really want to address you both because I’m super bummed. If you really count what happened last night I just really don’t think you two, specifically, don’t deserve to be in this spot, technically as singers. This is a show called The Voice and when you’re on key and you’re doing your best and you’re soulful and you’re nailing it, and you both did such a great job last night, I’m just really bummed for y’all. But I want this to be a little bit of a lesson for both of you because we all experience this still now in our careers. Sometimes you do your best and it just doesn’t work and that’s not because you weren’t good enough, it’s because it wasn’t your moment. I really need you both to hear me right now when I say, this is so undeserving in my eyes. You are the reason why this show exists. You’re powerful, soulful, gifted singers and I’m super bummed for y’all. Like you said, it’s not the end, it’s part of the journey.”

Gwen then told Myracle, “First of all, I am so honored to have you on my team. I am absolutely floored by your talent and your gift and your voice is so unique and so beautiful. And the way your voice cracks and the way that you connect with your heart. Everybody believes you and knows you’ve been through this journey that we’re all on. We all have pain and we all have to get through pain just to get to these incredible moments. And we had some of those moments on this show together. Just watching you, because you’re so gifted and so talented, I was actually intimidated by you in some of the rehearsals because I’m like, ‘What do I say to her? How can I help someone who is already perfect,’ in my eyes, the way you sang. I will say, you grew though and it was magical to watch that.”

With that, the viewing audience chose to let SHANE Q continue in the competition.

Next week, the Top 10 will compete on December 2 and two more will be sent home on December 3 to take the 10 to eight.