‘The X Factor’ Recap: British Invasion Night

Written by Lauren Laffer
‘The X Factor’ Recap: British Invasion Night

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After a shocking triple elimination last week during last week’s “The X Factor,” the final 10 took on a new challenge… British Invasion Night.

Country girl Rion Paige took on Sir Elton John’s legendary “Your Song.” While thinking of her younger brother and how much she misses him, Paige gave a vulnerable and moving performance that the judges loved. Judge Kelly Rowland said “Rion, I’m speechless and I talk way too much. That was incredible. You are so human and allowed yourself to be vulnerable this week.” Paulina Rubio agreed, adding “Each time you step on that stage, you give us so much. I think your voice was brilliant with that arrangement.” Simon Cowell was even more impressed with the 13-year-old Florida native. “I thought you were good last week. I thought you were absolutely fantastic this week. It sounded beautiful to listen to.” Paige’s mentor, Demi Lovato, told her contestant she “got really emotional when [Rion] sang because I feel the emotion when you sing. I love that you can sit there and control the audience and the stage.”

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Closing out the show was Restless Road. Introduced as “saving the best for last,” the trio performed “Fix You” by Coldplay. The judges panel was torn following the performance. Rowland told the boys that she expects a lot from the group, “but I felt like this week, it needed to be more cohesive. It needs to be even tighter with harmonies.” She added that she, however, was still waiting on her Restless Road t-shirt. Rubio agreed with Rowland, saying”I think that you guys tonight don’t show enough of yourself. But the only bad thing about you guys is you’re not on my team.” Lovato said “I think you guys did good. I think you’ve done better. It just wasn’t blending well.” Calling the girls depressing, Cowell told his group that he thought it was one of the best performances of the night and that was tough because they’ve only been a group for five or six weeks and took on one of the biggest songs.

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Who do you think is going home?


SPOILER ALERT: Results revealed below…

With another multiple eliminations looming, contestants were more an edge than ever. The final 10 are set to become a top eight. Right off the bat, The X Factor jumped into its first elimination.

The first act of the night to head home was Khaya Cohen from the girls category.

Host Mario Lopez then announced the acts who were through to the next round. Rion Paige and Restless Road will both continue on in the competition and do not have to participate in the sing-off.

The second act of the night sent home was Tim Olstad.

Tune in to FOX at 8/7c next Wednesday to see the top 8 compete to move on to the next round.