Thomas Rhett Teases Possible Collaborations for Fourth Studio Album

Rhett has a few tricks up his sleeve for his next album.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Thomas Rhett Teases Possible Collaborations for Fourth Studio Album
ATLANTA, GA - MAY 26: Singer Thomas Rhett performs in concert at Mercedes-Benz Stadium on May 26, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

Thomas Rhett’s Life Changes album was literally a life changing album for the singer. In just a year and a half, the singer earned four consecutive No.1 singles with “Craving You,” “Unforgettable,” “Marry Me” and “Life Changes,” with a fifth single out at country radio now. The project also earned an Album of the Year nomination at the 2018 CMA Awards and debuted at No.1 upon its release.

Now Rhett is looking towards his fourth studio album and working on cultivating a new group of songs that push the boundaries of country music and say something new.


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“It’s been interesting being back in the studio because I feel like every time I finish a record, in my brain I go, ‘I have nothing else to say. How in the world are we gonna write for another record,’” Rhett questioned during a recent interview with Sounds Like Nashville and other local media. “It’s fun how the moment you get the momentum back and you get into another room and you start writing, you realize that there’s a million things you haven’t said… About your life, or about past experiences, or, cause even since Life Changes came out, we were in the thick of the [adoption] process. And now we’re in the thick of the actual happening of being parents. There’s a lot of inspiration we’re pulling from that.”

One thing Rhett is looking forward to on his next project? Collaborating with other artists. While he kept mum on who or what he’s been working on, the Georgia native did reveal that hopefully several collaborations will be featured on his fourth album.

“There’s a few things,” he teased when asked about possible partnerships. “I’ve said things in the past about collaborations that didn’t pan out and I got roasted on Instagram, like ‘Where was that collab?’ Well, it’s sitting on a shelf somewhere. But yeah, we do have a few really cool collabs and we’ll probably have a few more on this record, for sure.”

He continued, “I just feel like singing songs alone is fun but singing songs with your friends is so much more fun. And I think that’s what this community is about, is about really supporting each other and getting your buddies on songs and making it a party… But you know we’re still kind of in the baby phases of beginning this thing, but we’re gonna start trucking here in December and really try to make it happen.”

While a new album may be a ways off, fans can check out the deluxe version of Rhett’s Life Changes album, featuring three new songs.