Thomas Rhett’s Family Steals the Show in New ‘Life Changes’ Video

Thomas Rhett's latest single is a deeply personal track that talks about his family, so of course, the group had to star in the music video.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Thomas Rhett’s Family Steals the Show in New ‘Life Changes’ Video
Thomas Rhett; Photo Courtesy of The Valory Music Co

When Thomas Rhett sent “Life Changes” to country radio, he knew he’d be sharing his autobiography in song with the world. The deeply personal lyrics share memories bitter and sweet, from asking his wife out, to being too young to get married, to their present day life with two children under two.

Since the track reflects the many life changes in the budding superstar’s life, he of course had to feature the most important people in his life in the video: his wife Lauren, and daughters Willa and Ada. In between shots of Rhett doing this thing onstage are behind-the-scenes snippets of his family life, with sweet shots of the singer feeding Ada and dancing with Willa.

“This song is super personal and reflects exactly how much things have changed for me in the past year,” said Rhett. “Having the girls out on tour has changed what being on the road looks like for me…it just seems to keep getting more and more fun. And, I think the fans might even cheer louder for them than me!”

Lauren Akins

Lauren Akins with daughters Willa and Ada; Photos Courtesy of The Valory Music Co

Sharing this song with the world was incredibly important for the young dad, who knows that his fans value his family nearly as much as he does. Sharing this side of his life was just another way for listeners to embrace what makes him who he is.

“This song is basically my autobiography in three minutes,” Rhett previously explained of the song. “It covers my college years, marrying Lauren, becoming a dad and the evolution of my music career. It’s definitely the most personal song I’ve ever written, but we all go through a lot in life whatever the story is, so I think the sentiment is something a lot of people can relate to.”

Rhett will continue to bring the heartfelt track to fans nationwide when he resumes his “Life Changes Tour” in September, with special guests Brett Young and Midland.