Thomas Rhett Readies His ‘Life Changes’ Record with Excitement and Nerves

"I know in my heart that this is the best representation of me today," Thomas Rhett says of his new album. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Thomas Rhett Readies His ‘Life Changes’ Record with Excitement and Nerves
Thomas Rhett; Photo by John Shearer

Time doesn’t skip a beat for Thomas Rhett as he jumps from one duty to the next. With his whirlwind lifestyle dropping him from task to task, he’s come to terms with the idea that everything will stay in fast-forward mode throughout the rest of the year.

But the country singer doesn’t seem to mind the madness that crashed upon him as Rhett reflects upon the pandemonium throughout his highly-anticipated record, Life Changes. From becoming a new father to two beautiful girls to headlining his very own Home Team Tour, Rhett can’t complain on where his dreams are headed and he wants his new music to replicate his exact feelings through the authentic lyrics he penned for the project.

“In the fact that every time you put out a new project, it’s scary—are people going to like it at all or is it going to flop or is it going to do great? In the other sense, I feel like I’m in such a groove. This record was not made out of any sort of fear. It was made out of excitement and sheer, ‘I cannot wait to record these songs because I’m so passionate about these songs,’” Rhett explained to Sounds Like Nashville and other media recently. “In that aspect, it does take a little bit of the pressure away, because I know in my heart that this is the best representation of me today. If I can do that, I’m doing myself and hopefully everyone else, a favor.”

Approaching his next project as somewhat of a diary, Rhett relived the nostalgic memories and envisioned the stories he infused right back into his progressive sound. Giving the album a title that portrays the obvious span of events that Rhett has experienced over the past couple years, he finds confidence in his growing catalogue by letting the events unfold naturally.

“I think I started to write more about my life in general, because I don’t think I’d ever experienced that many life-altering events in such a short span of time than over the last two years,” Rhett shared. “‘Life Changes’ was actually written toward the end of the adoption process and about four months into Lauren being pregnant. ‘Life Changes’ and a song called ‘Sixteen’ were written just about life and basically ripping pages out of a diary. I don’t keep a diary, but if I did, those two songs would have been written out of that. I think ‘Life Changes’ was a pretty perfect title for a song and for the name of this record, just to describe what life has been over the last couple of years.”

Of course, Rhett knew that with every new album comes a gradual change in his personality through music. Allowing influences from pop to hip-hop to EDM take over, Rhett dug his vocals into his Southern roots to keep his country roots alive while still incorporating different beats into the mix. That development will be ever present on his track, “Leave Right Now,” as the bass drops like that of a Top 40 song but maintains the honest qualities in the lyrics that swing the song right back into country territory.

“I’m pretty sure when this album comes out I’m going to get a ton of comments on the song, ‘Leave Right Now,’ because it’s so progressive,” admitted Rhett. “It was a song that we didn’t even write with the intention of having somewhat of a drop, if you will. It started out just three dudes on an acoustic guitar. I was writing this song with a bunch of guys from LA. I’d been listening to a bunch of Chainsmokers songs at that point and was obsessed with that kind of music and the way it made me feel. I said, ‘Hey, can we add something after the chorus in this song?’ That’s what they added, and never in a million years did I think it was ever going to make the record. The more I started listening to it, I was like, ‘Why would I not want a song of mine that makes me feel incredible to be on the record?’”

He’s also pumped about the two collaborations on Life Changes that create a depth he hasn’t touched before on previous projects. Rhett already hit No. 1 with “Craving You,” thanks to the powerful harmonies of Maren Morris scattered throughout the rocking tune. Rhett even kept it all in the family by writing and recording a cut from his dad, Rhett Akins, called “Drink a Little Beer,” in which the twang takes over with a banjo lead-out shining through as the bright spot of the record.

Come September 8, Rhett will let his musical journal fall into the ears of fans as they get to know the biographical side of his songwriting throughout Life Changes and discover what makes the man that everyone knows as Thomas Rhett.

Life Changes is due out everywhere on September 8.