Thomas Rhett to Open Home Team Collaboration Pop-Up Shop in Los Angeles

“I know this won't come as any surprise to my fans, but I love anything fashion related," Rhett confessed. 

Written by Kelly Brickey
Thomas Rhett to Open Home Team Collaboration Pop-Up Shop in Los Angeles
Thomas Rhett; Photo courtesy The Greenroom PR

Thomas Rhett recently began his style experimentation with his Home Team Apparel, and the fashion world embraced his designs by setting up a collaboration with designer Daniel Patrick for a Los Angeles pop-up store.

The country singer lent his design aesthetic to the custom-made line of Home Team caps set to be featured at the store. Along with limited edition t-shirts from MadeWorn and exclusive denim jackets by Kemal Harris, Rhett will get his name up in fashion lights as he’s secretly always wanted despite his musical path.

“I know this won’t come as any surprise to my fans, but I love anything fashion related. To actually get to have a hand in creating this stuff with such incredible designers was a blast, and I hope it’s just the start of some cool things down the road,” Rhett said of the LA shop.

Going for more of a galactic vibe, Rhett found inspiration high in the sky and used outer space to form his astronomic look. While the design itself subtly refers to the stars and the planets, he wanted to use the cosmic relation to refer to a cliche phrase he definitely believes in.

“It wasn’t even supposed to be the home team logo, but I started a publishing company this year with Virginia [Davis] and my dad called Home Team Publishing. I really wanted to make a logo for that publishing company. I’d been intrigued with this idea of this space man in a cliché way saying there are no limits, a shoot for the stars kind of thing. We had this company mock up this idea with the home team inside the space helmet. It became something that I loved. We put it on some hats, and we’re going to try it out on all of our stuff this fall. I think it’s nice to have a logo where you don’t have to write out the name ‘Home Team.’ Hopefully, in a year or two years it’s very recognizable,” Rhett told Sounds Like Nashville and other media at a recent event.

Featuring merchandise sold out on the road for Rhett’s Home Team Tour as well as his latest designs, fans will be able to pick up specialty items to represent their adoration of the “Craving You” singer during the short time period of the shop opening. He’ll even host an opportunity to meet and chat with visitors through a special hangout on Friday, September 22, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. PST.

Part of the reasoning behind the fashion opportunity wasn’t just a dream of Rhett’s, but also a way to celebrate the selling out of his show at the iconic Greek Theater hidden away in the hills of Hollywood. Old Dominion and Walker Hayes will open up the West Coast show for Rhett and get the California crowd amped up for some country music.

The store will be found at 501 North Fairfax in Los Angeles, California, from September 22 to 24. Rhett will be performing at the Greek Theater in the city at a sold-out show on September 22.