Thomas Rhett’s Wife Wants Five Kids Before She Turns 34

"She's the boss," said Rhett.

Written by Lauren Laffer
Thomas Rhett’s Wife Wants Five Kids Before She Turns 34
Thomas Rhett, Lauren Akins, Willa, Ada; Photo via Instagram

After adding two children to his family in quick succession, Thomas Rhett shared that more may be on the way.

During an interview with Access, the singer said that he and his wife Lauren have been discussing the prospect of growing their family with three more kids in just a few short years.

“Lauren wants to have five kids before she turns 34. That is her plan,” Thomas shared. “So you can probably expect three new babies in the next five years. She’s the boss.”

With the goal of five kids in mind, Rhett admits that he and Lauren are more than open to adopting again, the question is just of when that might happen.

“I don’t know when. We’ll probably just wait for God to put that in our path and figure that out in that way, but we would definitely love to adopt again.”

Ohhh these little cuties. As of two hours ago just this morning an entire milk bottle spilled on our white fabric couch, Ada James got her head stuck in the metal bars under our side table behind the couch, the Willa Gray proceeded conveniently get her hand stuck in the OTHER side table right after-neither of those things have ever happened in the last 15 months they’ve both been here btw-and recently AJ has taken a serious liking, more like an obsession, with toilet bowls and I’ve found her splashing in not one but TWO different toilets this morning and when I picked her up from the second one to run her to the sink to wash hands, she slapped me right in the face with her wet toilety hands:) Happy Friday yall #momoftheyear #andistillhaventhadacupofcoffeeyet ‍♀

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While they plan on expanding sooner than later, the family has their hands full with 2-year-old Willa Gray and 11-month-old Ada James. After meeting the little girl during their time volunteering in Uganda with 127 Million Orphans, the couple decided to bring Willa home to the States and begin their life together.

During the adoption process, the two learned they were also expecting their own biological child, Ada, who arrived just three months later.

“I feel like we’re starting to finally come up for air,” Thomas explained. “Obviously, we were thrown into two at the same time, so we had to learn how to parent a 2-year-old and an infant at the same time. But now, they’re both starting to play with each other. Ada is starting to walk, and Willa is starting to have legitimate grown-up conversations, which is hilarious. They both just have big personalities.”

Rhett also praised his wife for keeping things together, despite a very chaotic life.

“Lauren is just a superwoman of a mom. Everybody’s great, and it’s complete chaos. It’s awesome.”