Thompson Square’s Keifer Thompson Recovering From a Vocal Cord Hemorrhage

Written by Lauren Laffer
Thompson Square’s Keifer Thompson Recovering From a Vocal Cord Hemorrhage

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Reigning ACM and CMA Vocal Duo of the Year Thompson Square was recently forced to cancel several tour dates to allow Keifer Thompson’s vocal cords time to rest. The cancellations left many fans wondering how Keifer is feeling and when to expect to see the duo back on the road.

The singer broke his doctor’s ordered silence earlier this week for T2’s No.1 party for “If I Didn’t Have You.”

Keifer told Country Weekly that he almost needed to go under the knife. “I had a really bad hemorrhage, and it’s completely healed, resolved and the polyp is about 70 percent down, so they don’t want to do surgery now,” adding this his doctors and vocal coaches have taught him to sing in a different way in order to protect his vocal cords.

During the several weeks he’s had to recuperate, Keifer (quietly) told the magazine that he reached out to several other singers who have had vocal issues, like Keith Urban and Gary Allan. “[They] talked me off a ledge and told me that it was OK,” he said.

Part of his recovery also banned him from talking altogether. Keifer said he and his wife Shawna had to get creative when they’d get separated in a store. They resulted to whistling. “It was like Marco Polo, and we’d finally find each other and figure it out or whatever.”

Thompson Square will return to the road as soon as Keifer’s vocal cords will allow it. In the meantime, newcomer Cole Swindell is filling in for the duo on Luke Bryan’s “Dirt Road Diaries” Tour.