A Thousand Horses’ Michael Hobby and Wife Expecting Baby Girl


Written by Lauren Laffer
A Thousand Horses’ Michael Hobby and Wife Expecting Baby Girl
NASHVILLE, TN - NOVEMBER 26: Michael Hobby of A Thousand Horses and Caroline Hobby attend Celebrities Rock #ThisShirtSavesLives For St. Jude on November 26, 2018 in Nashville, Tennessee. (Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for St. Jude )

It’s a girl for A Thousand Horses’ frontman Michael Hobby and his wife Caroline! The couple announced that they are expecting their first child together in September.

“We’re almost halfway there. We’re at 19-20 weeks right now. I feel so great but the first trimester I felt queasy and nauseous, just so exhausted,” Caroline shared with PEOPLE. “The second trimester has been like a dream. It’s been awesome and we’re really just excited to be pregnant. We’re so grateful to have a baby girl coming soon!”

While over the moon to be welcoming their first child, the couple is thrilled to know it’s a girl. They anticipate that she’ll have Michael wrapped around her little finger as soon as she arrives.


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The Hobby family is getting a little bit bigger come September! Caroline and I are excited to announce we are having a little girl!

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“I personally am so excited it’s a girl and I’m so excited because I know Michael is going to be pure mush, which I cannot wait to see. I’m really looking forward to seeing him just melt when she’s born,” Caroline explained. “Michael plays her a bunch of songs with the guitar and sings to her. And he accidentally wrote her a whole song so he’s already written her a song. The baby has sparked a lot of creativity in Michael.”

Added Michael, “I feel pretty much everything, I’m really excited. I was the youngest of four boys and we always had boys in our family so to have a little girl is going to be a big change for me. I’m excited, I had friends who have little girls text me and said I’m pretty much toast, it’s all over. We’re thrilled.”

The couple, who have a name picked out, learned they were expecting over Christmas while visiting with family.

“We were actually at Caroline’s sister’s house in Austin over Christmas. We’ve been trying for a while so it wasn’t a surprise but Caroline just had that sixth sense of ‘I think I’m pregnant.’ She came out of the bathroom, we were all in the kitchen, and she announced it,” Michael recalled with Caroline adding, “It was quite the Christmas present.”

Baby Hobby is expected in the fall.