Remember When Chase Rice Competed on ‘Survivor?’

Did you know that before he was a country music sensation, Chase Rice competed to be the ultimate competitor on Survivor: Nicaragua?

Remember When Chase Rice Competed on ‘Survivor?’
Chase Rice; Photo via YouTube

Before Chase Rice was using his voice to win over Music City, he was exerting his charm and strength to try to win something completely different: the 21st season of Survivor.

In 2010, a short-haired Rice appeared on Survivor: Nicaragua to compete for the $1 million top prize. During a behind-the-scenes video interview, the then 24-year-old revealed that he worked in a NASCAR pit crew, has a strong hunting and fishing background, and even gave the camera a hint at his musical abilities.

“I’m good at hunting, I’m good at fishing but I’ve done that my whole life with a seven-mag in my hand,” Rice explained. “I don’t have that out here so we’ll see how I can do without those things.”

Throughout the season, Rice used his southern charm to gain trust and form alliances to target and eliminate other players. His sneaky strategy lead him all the way to the final three, but ultimately lost the competition by one vote. During the 15-year-anniversary celebration of the show, the finalist was voted in the top 10 most attractive competitors – and we can’t argue with that one.

Chase Rice recently found a new record label home, Broken Bow Records, the label that supports fellow artists Jason Aldean and Dustin Lynch. His sophomore album, Lambs and Lions, is slated for release soon, with his first single from the project, “Three Chords and the Truth,” being released this Friday (July 21).