Tiera Releases Romantic New Song, ‘Found It In You’

Writing love songs has been natural for the newly-engaged singer.

Tiera Releases Romantic New Song, ‘Found It In You’
Tiera; Photo credit: Kamren Kennedy

Tiera is celebrating love in her new song, “Found It In You,” released on Friday, October 16th. The tune finds the 22-year-old singing to a love interest who has all the qualities she’s been looking for in a relationship.

“I found it in you, every little thing that I was missing baby, you love me a whole different kind of crazy, you got to the heart of me, boy the best part of me,” she sings in the chorus.

Singing and writing love songs like “Found It In You” is something that comes naturally to Tiera, as she is in love. She and fiancé Kamren became engaged in March and are currently planning their fall 2021 wedding.

“It’s just a love song and I’m very much in love right now. I just got engaged,” she told Sounds Like Nashville. “I write so many songs about my fiancée. I just write love songs all the time.”

In the song, Tiera describes the happy and secure relationship of her dreams, and the song’s story is also reflected in the production, which features an easygoing beat, R&B elements and the Alabama native’s smooth voice. The former Real Country contestant says she’s been crafting her unique sound for years, and the R&B element came from her influences.

“I love me some JoJo and also queen Beyoncé. Here for her all the time,” she says of her influences. “My parents listened to R&B all the time growing up, so I think that, subconsciously, that came through my music.”

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In addition to “Found It In You,” Tiera will be releasing a new song called “Shut It Down” in November, which she says is a “party song.” The singer, who is signed to Nicolle Galyon’s Songs & Daughters publishing company, will also be treating fans to a five-song EP next year.

“I’m so excited,” she says of the EP. “All of these songs I’ve been playing out at writers’ rounds and just getting messages from people saying that they love it and that they want to go and listen to it. I’m excited to get those out in the world so people can just listen to it as many times as they want.”

And as for what the songs on the EP will entail, Tiera says she’ll be pulling from her real life, which will include more romantic tunes about her relationship.

“Like I said, I’m very much in love right now, so that’s what a lot of those songs are,” she added.