Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Receive Stars on Nashville Walk of Fame

McGraw and Hill rang in their 20th wedding anniversary in style as they accepted their honors from country queen and friend Reba McEntire.

Written by Kelly Brickey
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Receive Stars on Nashville Walk of Fame
Tim McGraw, Faith Hill, Photo by Rick Dismond/Getty Images

Celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary a day early, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill received their stars on Nashville’s Walk of Fame in downtown Nashville on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 5).

Over the past couple decades, both McGraw and Hill have contributed not only to the country music genre, but also the community of Nashville in which they and many other country artists call home. Their time spent in Music City has impacted the development of the area and their Nashvillian spirit has resonated among many people both near and far.

In attendance to celebrate the momentous occasion was Bill Cody and Mayor Megan Barry, who both had kind remarks to say about the stellar country couple.

“As mayor, I am so grateful for not only the music that Tim and Faith have created individually and sometimes together, but also for all of the work they do in our community, which Bill is going to talk about. From raising money for the flood relief in 2010 to generously supporting organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center through their Neighbor’s Keeper Foundation, Faith and Tim have consistently given back to our city,” Barry stated to the huge audience gathered in the center of Nashville’s own Walk of Fame Park across the way from the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Photo by Rick Dismond/Getty Images

Photo by Rick Dismond/Getty Images

Not only were some of Nashville’s finest present for the awarding of the stars, but Reba McEntire took the lead as the presenter for both Hill’s and McGraw’s plaques. With her usual Southern charm, McEntire first introduced the crowd to Hill and her incredible accomplishments but with a Reba twist.

“I’ve known her forever. And I thought, ‘Well shoot, I know everything about Faith,’ and then I thought, ‘Ooh, in case I don’t…’ and I went to Wikipedia. I did find out that she worked at McDonald’s before. I didn’t know that! Ok, that’s the only thing I didn’t know about her. But she’s had some great jobs. She’s taken care of all of us in Nashville with her beautiful voice and her great heart. Her literacy programs, she’s just been giving so much,” McEntire said, with a laugh.

Hill graciously accepted the honor as she began to thank those who had always been behind her and her husband throughout the years of their career. She teared up as she mentioned her biggest supporters within her family and gratefully praised them for the work they’ve done for her throughout her entire life.

“But we will always remain and the people around this place will always remain, you know, just good old-fashioned folk that welcome people from around the globe,” said Hill. “That’s what makes me so proud to be a Nashvillian. That’s what makes Tim and I both so proud to raise our children here. Yes, Bill, as you did point out, I did come here 30 years ago. There’s so many people out here that are more responsible for all of my success than I am. Thank you all so much. I love every single one of you. To the fans, we all know that nothing would be possible without you truthfully. To our family, thank you. I love you so much.”

After revealing her star on the Walk and snapping a few shots of her with her main squeeze, McEntire then took the podium to introduce McGraw.

Mentioning that Hill and McGraw have been great friends of hers over the length of their career, she made note for the audience to realize how tight-knit the country community truly is and that’s what they can surely pride themselves for, come any issues.

“They’ve done so much for me because friendship in this business is the No. 1 thing,” explained McEntire. “You fans see how well we all get along…that’s very special for us that y’all see that, that we like each other. Yes we compete, but we’re always pulling for each other also. That’s what kind of great business the country music business is.”

While McGraw joked that’s he lets his wife do the talking, he toasted to his relationship with Hill and how it changed his life in the best way he could have ever imagined.

“The best thing that happened to me was in 1996. I went on a tour called the Spontaneous Combustion Tour and I had a really hot chick. And I fought and I fought and I fought to stay away from her as long as I could. And that lasted about as long as her job at McDonald’s. I’m not gonna go into detail, but it was a great tour…I can tell ya that! And out of that tomorrow comes 20 years of marriage and three beautiful, well-established, opinionated, strong young women who live in my house that I’m very proud of. They’re that way not because of anything I did. It’s because of the great role model in their mom. So again, thank y’all for having us here this evening. I’m proud to be here with my wife to share this moment, to be here with my family who I love so much,” he said as the audience awed.

Hill and McGraw made a couple more pictures filled with love and kisses during the reveal of his star before the two were swept away for the rest of their whirlwind anniversary week. The pair will soon go on tour for their Soul 2 Soul World Tour in 2017.