Tim McGraw Compares Movie-Making to Music-Making

Tim McGraw Compares Movie-Making to Music-Making

Tim McGraw is one of the few country singers who has managed to make a name for himself as an actor while still balancing a successful music career. After appearing in films such as Country Strong and The Blind Side, McGraw says he’s open to doing more movies, but that he needs to find the right role first.

“The hardest thing is timing,” he explained (quote via CMT). “You can read 50 scripts and not find anything that you like. It’s much like finding songs. You could listen to thousands of songs and find those magic things. For me, it all has to start with a script, of course. And if that’s not right, then nothing’s right.”

Like McGraw says, it’s all about timing. The “Truck Yeah” singer will be on the road all summer with Kenny Chesney, and in the fall, he’ll have two daughters in high school. Plus, his wife Faith Hill is gearing up to release new music. It appears as if the timing is not good for movies right now.

Timing is also one of the reasons why McGraw recently had to turn down a big opportunity in New York City.

“There’s a new Broadway musical that I had to turn down,” he recently revealed. “I wouldn’t say no to anything offhand, but I tend to, when it comes to movies, I sort of like the darker side. I like heavy movies, so I don’t know if you could find one that fits that criteria.”

Luckily for fans, McGraw is focusing on his music right now. He hopes to release a new album later this year, and if the rumors are true, he and Faith will be taking on the Las Vegas Strip before the end of year.