Tim McGraw Looks for Healing in ‘Neon Church’ Video

Tim McGraw and Shane Drake created a moving story in the music video for the singer's poignant new single, "Neon Church."

Written by Lauren Laffer
Tim McGraw Looks for Healing in ‘Neon Church’ Video
Tim McGraw; Photo via YouTube

Tim McGraw’s “Neon Church” video is a poignant message to those looking to escape from everyday life.

The neon-infused, Shane Drake-directed clip follows a group of people as they go through the motions and eventually meet up at a bar to let that weight slip away. The group finds solace in their escape until they retreat back to their individual lives, unveiling a magical secret they’ve all been hiding.

“Shane and I talked a lot about the depth and meaning of ‘Neon Church.’ The song has a lot of grit, and there’s a darkness to it. So we wanted the video to carry some of that darkness and moodiness,” McGraw shared in a press release. “But you also have the neon… the light. Neon light is literally the calling card to a bar – you also have the human light that calls people to be together. We’re all a little broken, but that doesn’t mean we don’t each carry some light.”

Drake added, “As the final shot draws to a close, we are left with the distinct feeling that perhaps this isn’t the end, but rather the beginning of something much bigger.”

“Neon Church” is the a taste of McGraw’s first solo endeavor since 2015. The track premiered with the song “Thought About You,” both of which will appear on McGraw’s 2019 project.