Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Encourage Voter Registration in New PSA

This is an important issue! 

Written by Lauren Laffer
Tim McGraw and Faith Hill Encourage Voter Registration in New PSA
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw; Photo via YouTube

Calling all American citizens – it’s time to register to vote!

In a combined effort between When We All Vote and former First Lady Michelle Obama, the two are encouraging viewers to make sure they are able to exercise their right to vote by registering in time for the November elections. Teaming up with Obama were a few of her celebrity friends, including country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Hamilton-creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, actor Tom Hanks, singer/songwriter Janelle Monae, basketball player Chris Paul, among others.

“Voting is the only way to ensure that our values and priorities are represented in the halls of power,” Obama says in a statement in When We All Vote’s press release. “And it’s not enough to just vote for president every four years. We all have to vote in every single election: for mayor, governor, school board, state legislature and Congress. The leaders we elect to these offices help determine just about every aspect of our lives and our democracy. So the future of our families, our communities and our country belongs to those of us who show up, cast our votes, and make our voices heard.”

Hill and McGraw got in on the action during a break from their tour rehearsal.

“In every community we visit, it’s important for them to know they can really make a difference if they go and vote in every election,” said Hill.

“Absolutely,” agreed McGraw.

According to the Pew Chariable Trusts research, in 2014, one-fifth of the United States population was not registered to vote, the press release cited. In that same year, just over a third of the population even exercised their right to vote, marking the lowest turnout since World War II, PBS said.

To help encourage registration, When We All Vote will attack the issue in three ways: volunteer recruitment, improved registration processes and increased nationwide conversation. For more information about how you can help, or even register to vote, visit