Tim McGraw Wins Legal Battle Against Curb Records

Written by SLN Staff Writer
Tim McGraw Wins Legal Battle Against Curb Records

Tim McGraw and his longtime record label, Curb Records, went head to head in court this week. Fans will be happy to know that a Nashville judge ruled today that McGraw is now free to record music with another record label while the lawsuit against him from Curb Records continues.

McGraw and his wife Faith Hill appeared in court today. After the judge ruled in his favor, McGraw reportedly hugged his attorney, William Ramsey, shook hands with the legal team then walked over to hug Faith.

While McGraw hasn’t released an official statement, The Tennessean reports that he said he was “just very happy.”

In May, Curb Records filed a breach-of-contract suit against McGraw claiming that he turned in tracks for his Emotional Traffic album too far in advance of the album’s release “in a transparent tactic to attempt to fulfill his contractual recording commitment to Curb prematurely in breach of the recording agreement.”

McGraw and Curb will meet in court again in July of 2012 to dispute the initial breach-of-contract suit. The singer first signed with the label nearly 21 years ago.