Toby Keith – Fan Review

Toby Keith – Fan Review


Ryan, a reader of CountryMusicIsLove, caught Toby Keith’s tour opener in Holmdel, NJ on Thursday night and he sent us a review and some pictures to share with the rest of our readers – enjoy!

First off, the crowd last night was really really awesome. I was worried because during Trace (Adkins), everyone was sitting except in the pit (I was seated in section 400 so I had a bird’s eye view of the entire arena). But when the Toby video started, everyone was on their seat from start to finish (except the 3 slow songs in the middle). Everyone was rocking, it was awesome.


Sean Patrick McGraw: not much to report. He sounded okay, but nothing earthshattering for me.

Trace Adkins: I’ve seen Trace about 5 times now and even a few times when he headlined. I was very disappointed in him because he did not sing some of his best songs. He sang 1 verse of You’re Going To Miss This. He did not sing Arlington or Till The Last Shot’s Fired or Ain’t No Thinkin Thing. It seemed like a short set and he was not very animated (except for during Swing). I still love Trace and I am going to 3 other shows this summer and expect him to get his game up.

Toby: Let me just say, I have seen Toby in upwards of 20 times – he seems happier last night than I’ve ever seen him. He was animated, smiling, joking, and very very active (all over the stage). The opening video was hilarious (it was funny to see him make fun of other music genre’s). The stage is very simplistic this year. Just a small Ford symbol and the band is set back far behind him. There is a lot more space on the stage than years past. The light show was the best it has ever been. I think his light coordinator should be commended because that was very impressive. The background screen was a good size, a bit pushed back, and the animations were the same as this past winter tour. He had confetti in probably 5 songs and explosions in many. The setlist was unchanged for the most part, but he added Lost You Anyways (which is not my favorite Toby song, but it sounded 100 times better live – I was so impressed!). He came out to Big Dog Daddy and sang all of his classics. The encore was pure patriotism w/ American Soldier and Courtesy of the Red White & Blue.





I had a great time. I loved the show and went with 2 people who never saw him before. They already plan on going to the Camden show after last night’s experience.

Thanks for bringing the show back to us Ryan and for sharing it with our readers – great pictures!