Country Stars’ Children Complete the ‘Toddler Challenge’

This was so stinkin' cute!

Country Stars’ Children Complete the ‘Toddler Challenge’
Thomas Rhett's daughter Ada James, Jason Aldean's son Memphis, Tyler Hubbard's daughter Olivia; Photos via Instagram

The children of country artists are getting in on the fun of the viral “Toddler Challenge” or “Toddler Temptation Challenge.” For the challenge, parents put a treat in front of their toddler before leaving the room, telling the child that they can’t eat the treat until they return. All the while, the camera is rolling to record the child’s reaction.

Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren posted a video of their two-year-old daughter Ada James patiently waiting to eat some jellybeans while Lauren went to the restroom. While Lauren is gone, Ada can be seen laughing to herself and telling herself to be “so ‘bery’ patient.” She came through with flying colors and didn’t eat any of the candies.

Another country star toddler that was successful at the challenge was Jason Aldean’s two-year-old son, Memphis. Brittany Aldean posted a video of her little boy patiently waiting to eat a chocolate doughnut with sprinkles. While he did sneak a sprinkle while she was gone, Memphis waited for his mom to come back to eat the whole doughnut.

Lastly, Tyler Hubbard’s wife Hayley posted a video of their daughter Olivia trying to resist some chocolate chips. Instead of eating the treat while her mom was gone, she spent her time alerting all her toys, including “Pig” and “Kitty Cat,” that she has chocolate chips. She then dove into the treat when her mom got back.