The Top 10+ Lady A Songs

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The Top 10+ Lady A Songs
Lady Antebellum; Photo credit: Dove Shore

In 2007, Charles Kelley, Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood introduced themselves to the country music world as brand new trio, Lady Antebellum (now re-branded as Lady A). The band has since released hit after hit, headlined major tours and become a staple in country music. After 13 years of music, and even a short hiatus, the band is still releasing hit music and selling out stages. Here’s a look back at the Top 10+ songs that got them to where they are now.

(Arranged chronologically)

  1. “Love Don’t Live Here” – from Lady Antebellum

When Lady A appeared on the country music scene in 2007, they debuted with “Love Don’t Live Here,” a fiery breakup song directed at an ex-lover. The track was the perfect song for potential fans to get to know the band — starting off with an upbeat guitar riff and Kelley’s strong voice. In the second verse, Scott makes her entrance, providing some of the band’s famous harmonies. Overall, it was a strong debut for the trio, landing at number three on the Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts and being certified Gold.

2. “I Run To You” – from Lady Antebellum

While Lady A’s first two singles were very commercially successful, the release of their third single ushered in some serious recognition. Released in 2009, “I Run To You” was the last single from their self-titled debut album, and it was also their very first Number One song. In the song, the band sends a positive message about having someone to “run to” during the hard times in life. This message is accompanied by a driving beat, more of the group’s famous harmonies, and an addictive melody in the chorus. “I Run To You” went on to win a CMA Award, a Grammy Award, and was certified 2x Platinum by the RIAA.

3. “Need You Now” – from Need You Now

Continuing the momentum of “I Run To You,” Lady A released “Need You Now” in 2009, the lead single and title track from their sophomore album. This song went on to become one of the group’s biggest hits and most defining songs, spending five weeks atop the charts and being certified 9x Platinum by the RIAA. “Need You Now” also swept up at the award shows, earning the group two ACM Awards, one CMA Award and a whopping four Grammy Awards.

4. “American Honey” – from Need You Now

Lady A kicked off 2010 with a new single called “American Honey.” This song contrasted from the group’s previous tunes about love and relationships in that it is about looking back on simpler days of one’s youth, and the sweet-sounding acoustic instrumentation only echos that idea of remembering more innocent days. The song did very well for the group, earning them their third number one and earning Platinum status.

5. “Our Kind Of Love” – from Need You Now

For their third single from their Need You Now album, the group released “Our Kind Of Love,” a song celebrating the beautiful aspects of a relationship. The song was written by all three members of the group along busbee, and like many of their singles, features an unquestionably catchy melody and the group’s flawless harmonies, mixed with upbeat piano accompaniment. “Our Kind Of Love” went on to became their fourth consecutive number one.

6. “Just A Kiss” – from Own The Night

Lady Antebellum kept the string of hits going with “Just A Kiss,” the debut single from their third album, Own the Night. This song tells the story of those fragile moments early on in a relationship and the power of a simple kiss goodnight. The song was written by the trio along with Dallas Davidson and was inspired by each member’s personal experiences. “Just A Kiss” was yet another number one for the group and was certified 2x platinum.

7. “We Owned The Night” – from Own The Night

The second single from their Own The Night album was the album’s namesake, “We Owned The Night.” In this tune, Lady A takes fans on a journey back to the carefree days of young love that are now in the past. The song does not take on a sad tone, but rather a feeling of thankfulness that those days could be experienced in the first place. The nostalgic lyrics are then paired with upbeat instrumentation relying heavily on mandolin. The song reached the top of the country charts and was certified Gold.

8. “Downtown” – from Golden

Lady A turned a new page in their career with the release of “Downtown,” the debut single from their Golden album. In the fun-loving, sassy tune, Hillary Scott takes lead vocals, calling out her significant other for not taking her out on the town. The tune was written by Luke Laird, Shane McAnally, and Natalie Hemby, and was originally on hold for Miranda Lambert. The song certainly was a hit for Lady A though, topping the Country Airplay chart and earning Platinum status.

9. “Bartender” – from 747

In 2014, Lady A kicked off the 747 album era with “Bartender.” This song is similar to “Downtown,” in that it is about a night out on the town. This tune also features Hillary Scott on lead vocals, as she calls for the bartender to keep the drinks coming. Released in May 2014, “Bartender” became a summer anthem for the band, and managed to hit number one and earn Platinum status.

10. “What If I Never Get Over You” – from Ocean

Released just last year, “What If I Never Get Over You” was the debut single from Lady Antebellum’s Ocean album. In the heartbreaking track written by Ryan Hurd, Sam Ellis, Laura Veltz and Jon Green, Kelley and Scott trade vocals, singing about a break up and pondering a scary possibility: what if they never get over the one they lost? The song starts off slow and quiet with just Kelley’s voice before growing into something much bigger as Kelley and Scott both ponder this question. The vulnerable tune topped the Country Airplay chart and joined the group’s Platinum collection.