The Top 10+ Lee Brice Songs

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The Top 10+ Lee Brice Songs
Photo Credit: Spidey Smith

Lee Brice is an artist who has seen steady success in the country music genre since the release of his major label debut album, Love Like Crazy, in 2010. He has released songs that have made country fans laugh and cry, and delivers each song with passion behind his one-of-a-kind, powerful voice. Brice has been releasing music to mainstream country radio for a little over ten years, and in that time, he has solidified his place in the genre and proven his staying power. Here are the top 10+ singles released by Lee Brice.

  1. “Love Like Crazy” – from Love Like Crazy

Prior to 2009, Lee Brice released a few singles, including “She Ain’t Right” and “Happy Endings,” but it wasn’t until he released “Love Like Crazy” that his career really began to take off. In this song from his album of the same name, Brice sings about a lasting love story in which a man rises from working a simple job to selling his company to Microsoft, all while his high school sweetheart wife stands beside him. The moral of the song comes when the man in the story is asked about his secret. “Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you / Go to work, do your best, don’t outsmart your common sense / Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy / And love like crazy,” sings Brice. “Love Like Crazy” reached No. 3 on the charts and has been certified 2x Platinum.

  2. “A Woman Like You” – from Hard 2 Love

Brice released his sixth official single, “A Woman Like You,” in 2011, and it not only became a hit, but it began a long string of hits for the artist. In this warm, acoustic-heavy tune, Brice sings sweet words to his wife after she asks what he would do had he never met her. At first, Brice makes it seem like he would be enjoying life if he wasn’t with his partner, but the sweet ending to the chorus solidifies the fact that he would have regretted never meeting her.

“I’d still be drivin’ that old green ‘Nova / I probably never would have heard of yoga / I’d be a better football fan / But if I was a single man, alone and out there on the loose, I’d be lookin’ for a woman like you,” he sings. “A Woman Like You” went No. 1 on the Billboard Country chart as well as the Country airplay chart and has been certified 2x Platinum.

 3. “Hard to Love” – from Hard 2 Love

After “A Woman Like You,” Lee Brice kept the love songs going with the upbeat “Hard to Love” from his album of the same name. In this tune, Brice sings to a romantic partner, admitting that he’s not the easiest person to be in a relationship with and thanking his partner for still loving him. The song was written by Billy Montana, John Ozier, and Ben Glover and reached the No. 1 spot on the Country airplay chart. It was also certified 3x Platinum.

4. “I Drive Your Truck” – from Hard 2 Love

Brice showed off his skill for singing sweet love songs in the first three songs on the list, but he further displayed his emotional capabilities in his 2012 single, “I Drive Your Truck.” This song, written by Jessi Alexander, Connie Harrington, and Jimmy Yeary, finds Brice singing from the perspective of a man who lost his brother in war and drives his brother’s old truck as a way of remembering him. In the tune, Brice describes the truck and all his brother’s belongings that are still in it, which surely serves to make any listener shed tears. “I Drive Your Truck” reached No. 1 on the Country Airplay chart and has been certified Platinum.

5. “Parking Lot Party” – from Hard 2 Love

After the emotional “I Drive Your Truck,” Lee Brice wrapped up the successful Hard 2 Love album era with “Parking Lot Party.” Country music is known for its upbeat party songs, and this tune certainly fits the bill. In the song, Brice sings about a summer tailgate party before a concert complete with beer, moonshine, and some guitar-playing. The song is perfect to listen to at a real tailgate party or to simply kick off a summer weekend. “Parking Lot Party” peaked at No. 6 on the charts and earned Platinum status.

6. “I Don’t Dance” – from I Don’t Dance

After four hit singles from his Hard 2 Love album, Lee Brice kicked off his third major-label album with the project’s title track, “I Don’t Dance.” This single took Brice back into love song territory, as he sings from the perspective of a man who usually doesn’t enjoy dancing, but he will always dance with the woman he loves. This sweet sentiment made an impact on country listeners, as the song has become a go-to first dance song at many weddings. “I Don’t Dance” became Brice’s fourth No. 1 hit on radio and has been certified 3x Platinum.

 7. “Boy” – from Lee Brice

In 2017, Lee Brice released “Boy” from his self-titled album. In this emotional song, Brice sings from the perspective of a father who knows his young son will eventually grow up and move on in life, but part of him will always be a boy. The song employs the nostalgia and bittersweet songwriting that makes country music so relatable, as Brice imagines what his baby son’s life will look like in the future. “Boy” just broke the Top 20 on country radio, landing at No. 16, but made a mark on audiences and earned Platinum status.

 8. “Rumor” – from Lee Brice

Lee Brice followed up “Boy” with the second single from his self-titled album, “Rumor.” In his song, Brice sings to a potential love interest, letting her know that there are rumors circulating about them being a couple. Then, in a unique pick-up line, Brice suggests he and the woman make those rumors a reality. The flirty tune was yet another success for the country star, landing at No. 1 and earning Platinum status.

 9. “I Hope You’re Happy Now” – from Carly Pearce’s self-titled album

As this list proves, Brice has released a myriad of his own hits to country radio, but one of his most recent successes came as a collaboration with fellow singer Carly Pearce. The two released “I Hope You’re Happy Now” from Pearce’s self-titled album in 2019, and it became a hit for both of them. In the song, Pearce and Brice assume the roles of two ex-lovers who are at odds after a break up. The woman in the song broke the man’s heart, but genuinely wishes for his happiness, and the man who had his heart broken bitterly responds. The soaring tune not only became a No. 1 hit, but it won the CMA Award for Musical Event of the Year as well as the ACM Awards for Single of the Year and Music Event of the Year.

10. “One of Them Girls” – from Hey World

After the success of “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” Brice released his fifth studio album, Hey World, in November 2020. In April 2020, he released the lead single from the project, “One of Them Girls.” In this upbeat tune, Brice tries to guess what kind of girl a love interest is and uses suave wordplay to tell her the kind of man he is. “If you’re one of them girls / ‘Cause I’m one of them boys / Who’ll trade his whole world for one of them girls,” he sings. “One of Them Girls” became Brice’s seventh and most recent No. 1 hit.